The Arena of Champions is a battle arena in the Legend of Queen Opala 2. It located on a small peninsula on the northern shore of Namaria.

Similar to the Festival Island Arena from LOQO1, the player can battle various opponents to earn rewards. Monsters are divided into 6 classes, in order from weakest to strongest: E, D, C, B, A and S. The player starts in Class E and after defeating 9 opponents in the current class, can fight the class champion to unlock the next class.

Entering the Arena costs a one-time fee of 5,000 Gold unless you are a member of the Guild of Heroes.

A number of Illustrations are unlocked by beating Arena champions. Battling in the Arena is also necessary for the Achievements "Relentless Warrior" and "The Champion". For more information about each opponent, refer to the Enemies page.

Class E

Firewolf (x3)
Werewuffie (x3)
Dilizard (x3)
Evil Mushroom (x3)
Zombie (x3)
Bone Wanderer (x3)
Dark Bat (x3)
Wild Stinger (x3)
Fishmouth (x3)
Albino Fishmouth (x3)
Cyclop Bat*
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class E)

Champion: Grynhild the Witch
Reward: Illustration 35

Class D

Mischief (x3)
Contoad (x3)
Bloodnectar (x3)
Lizardman (x3)
Trihound (x3)
Oniquine (x3)
Seductress (x3)
Shadowood (x3)
Cockalot (x3)
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class D)

Champion: Tao Yu Tsen
Reward: Illustration 95

Class C

Nerianah (x3)
Roawk (x3)
Frogmouth (x3)
Goblin (x3)
Fire Demoness (x3)
Crawler (x3)
Sand Giant (x3)
Toad Rider*
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class C)

Champion: Sir Edward the 3rd
Reward: Illustration 121

Class B

Dragonoid (x3)
Lost Spirit (x3)
Ice Demoness
Frost Wasp
Fire Dragon
Water Dragon
Wind Dragon
Earth Dragon
Minotaur (x3)
Giga Lardo
Rain Demon (and Bloodnectar x2)*
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class B)

Champion: General Toros (and Legion Soldiers x2)
Reward: Illustration 80

Class A

Devil Minotaur (x3)
Dunetoad (x3)
Sewage Gorgon (x3)
Slimebag (x3)
Midnight Shroom (x3)
Aquamouth (x3)
Walking Corpse (x3)
Fuckalot (x3)
Earth Root*
Giganto Brutus*
Hellfire Spirit*
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class A)

Champion: Phalen
Reward: Illustration 116

Class S

Seis Cabezas (x3)
Rock Lizardman (x3)
Darkewood (x2 and Nalurawood)
Nalurawood (x2 and Darkewood)
Giant Serpent (x2)*
Minotaur Master*
Giantus Golem*
Glacier Drake*
Garbage Breath*
Avenging Soul (and Lost Spirit x2)*
Seaweed Star*
(* Unlocked after winning 5 rounds in Class S)

Champion: Beledina
Reward: Illustration 123