Athrosa is a major city in LOQO1 that is located in Greece, and is the first location Jake and his party visit after using the first Egyptian teleporter they come across. It is the effective base of operations for soldiers attempting to push back Osira's forces.

Residents & Natives

Toros Portrait.jpgGeneral Toros



Shops & Taverns

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Related Quests

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Athrosa appears in LOQO 2 as the setting of Kai's dream while he in Limbo after being thrown into the abyss by Altum. In this dream, Athrosa appears without color; most of the buildings and paths are blocked; and most of the residents cannot be interacted with, save for the individuals inside of the lone open building. Kai eventually escapes the dream by speaking to Cassandra, who initially takes the form of Milana to avoid shocking Kai.

Map (Dream)

Athrosa (Dream) Map.jpg
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