Bal' Rana and Za'Nina in battle

There are 3 encounters with Bal'Rana and her daughter in LOQO 1. The first is at sea. She has taken control of your boat and you must escape. It is easy as hell because her crew is a bunch of idiots. The second and third encounters only come with game +. The second is an actual battle with her (see the list of LOQO 1 enemies), and the third is simply a cross over to LOQO2 -- Bal'Rada bitches about her fight with you and then says that things will get better when she gets to Namaria.



Bal'Rana is a returning character from the Legend of Queen Opala I. She and her daughter, Za'Nina, are often found together when encountered. The duo are pirates. Za'Nina generally disapproves of her mother's carousing.
Bal'Rana can't join the party, but she has a relationship meter and points can be gained with her in conversation:
Rockgard Village Tavern
  • +1: Talk to Bal'Rana, agree to buy her a drink, buy something 'strong and refreshing' (vintage booze) from the bartender, talk to her, give her the booze and choose 'I wouldn't mind doing you'.
  • -1: Refuse to buy Bal'Rana a drink.

Tel Ravida Pier
  • +1: Talk to her and say "Bal'Rana,it's been awhile!"
  • -1: Talk to her and say "Who are you,again...?"



On May 2, 2017, it was announced that Bal'Rana play a role in the Legend of Queen Opala: Origin. Her role would be to be able to unlock CG scene variations in exchange for Boss Gems.