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As the name suggests, the Blackeagle Ship is a ship crewed by the Blackeagle Gang.
The ship is found on the Frozen Continent, although it is somewhat hidden. To find the ship, the player must travel east along the ice sheet outside Solheim on the Overworld map, with no roads to lead the way. Once the player travels to the north-easternmost point, he will find the ship docked on the ice.

History & Current Role

The Blackeagle ship serves no current role in the main story of LOQO II, and is for the most part an optional location although some side quests involve the location.


Elite Blackeagle Bandit
Elite Blackeagle Sorceress
Elite Blackeagle Assassin
Legendary Obsidian Hornhide (Northwest of the ship)

Major Items & Art

  • Purple Ore x3
  • Ceremonial Armor

  • Illustration 26
  • Illustration 90