Breeze Woods is a large forest located west of Castle Resteed, and immediately east of Frontier Aqueduct. It is the only known physical path connecting Souheast Namiria with the rest of the mainland.

History & Current Role

Breeze Woods acts as natural border between Southeast Namiria (which is "overseen" by Lord Kross and under heavy mercenary influence) and Western Namiria (which is under the direct control of King Caldor II and his soldiers). Tistel Tavern is located at the extreme eastern edge of the woods, possibly in an effort to avoid Kross' taxes. Outside of the tavern is a large stable watched constantly by the mysterious Monologue Man. Unlike other taverns, Kai's party (including Opala and Farah) will not take a break here or be open for conversation and party changes.

The woods themselves are only populated by the wasp like Wild Stingers during the day, with the far more dangerous Mischiefs and Dark Bats appearing at night. Both night creatures also have rare forms that wander with them, while the legendary Wolheim Roar will make an appearance once a large number of Firewolves are defeated elsewhere.

Residents & Natives

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Monologue_Man_Portrait.jpgMonologue Man

A mysterious individual who literally has no internal monologue, resulting in him vocalizing every thought he has. When he is not acting as a narrator of sorts when speaking with others, he simply stares at the horses located in the fenced off area next to Tistel Tavern. He currently serves no obvious purpose save for annoying Kai whenever the two converse.

Minor Characters

Shops & Taverns

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  • Tavern - Western woods, next to the blue crystal.


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Related Quests

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Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - Sodwolf
  • Ancient Pages - Wild Stinger
  • Golden Old Coin
  • Tablet of History
  • Water Toad (Hunt)
  • Ring of Anti-Poison (Treasure)
  • Illustration 03 (Legendary)
  • Trading Card 03
  • Trading Card 18
  • Trading Card 52