A key location in LOQO 2, Castle Conquest is located to the west of the Guild of Heroes and is the residence of Emperor Bastorahl, the main antagonist of LOQO 2.
The Castle is closed until you've rescued the Frontier Aqueduct from Bastorahl's golems. Once it opens, the castle will be guarded by Neverus Soldiers & Knights. Only then can you enter the castle and find Bastorahl himself.

After battling a magically controlled Kai, the portal on the throne opens, leading to the Inner Sanctum where Emperor Bastorahl can be defeated and the Achievement "The Inner Sanctum" can be earned.

Residents & Natives

Emperor Bastorahl
Descendant of the Neverus Tribe, he seeks revenge against humanity for defeating the Neverus in the ancient war.

Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - Neverus Knight
  • Ancient Pages - Shadowood
  • Golden Old Coin x2
  • Tablet of History

  • Illustration 114
  • Painting 12
  • Trading Card 17
  • Trading Card 98