Castle Resteed


Castle Resteed is a large fortified mansion and surrounding village located in Southeastern Namaria. It is the first major village that Kai visits during the main quest.

History & Current Role

Currently, Castle Resteed is under the control of Lord Kross, the self-labeled "protector" of the region, and his two cohorts (Richter the Mercenary and an unnamed female soldier). Despite being appointed by King Caldor II, Kross has actually gone rogue, seeking to keep the riches of Resteed and Southeast Namaria for himself, while maintaining a secret alliance with the Blackeagle Gang (some of whose thugs can be found around Resteed at night, unnerving certain castle guards who are not aware of Kross' dealings and leading to the events of the side quest "Castle Thugs").

Residents & Natives

Lord KrossLord_Kross_Portrait.jpg

The greedy and selfish "protector" of Castle Resteed and Southeast Namiria, appointed by King Caldor II. Kross levies steep taxes on his people, claiming that they go to protecting villagers from external threats, particularly that of shadow spikes. He resides in a large mansion in the center of Resteed.

Richter the MercenaryRichter_the_Mercenary_Portrait.jpg

Kross' right hand man and collector of taxes levied by Kross upon his people. Richter is the first NPC encountered by Kai during LOQO 2, demanding that he pay a 1000G tax whilst being flanked by two castle guards. He likely resides inside inside of the same castle as Kross.


Kai's childhood friend and former member of the Blackeagle Gang. Openly bisexual and flirtatious, she can be easily annoyed and become extremely aggressive, enjoying any conflict she can get herself into. Milana is currently a mandatory party member, joining early in the main quest. She resides in a small house in Southwestern Resteed.

Master Hen'TaiMaster_Hen'Tai_Portrait.jpg

Legendary pervert of Egypt and Greece, he manages to find his way into Namaria along with the Egyptian royal family amongst others. Although not an official resident of Resteed, he remains at the local tavern until encountered by Kai. Kai can either play along with his elaborate game, or have him thrown in the dungeon for his crimes.

Minor Characters

  • Castle Guard - A guard having thug trouble, located South of Milana's house.

Shops & Taverns

(Full list of Castle Resteed inventories)
  • Inn - Eastern Resteed, West of the weapon shop.
  • Tavern - Northwestern Resteed, immediately north of the stone bridge.
  • Items & Gifts - Western Resteed
  • Weapons & Armor - Eastern Resteed, immediately west of the Save Crystal.
  • Traveling Scholar - Southern Resteed.
  • Distant Wagon - Northeastern Resteed, directly north of the tavern.

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Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - An'Terra Bug (Void of Illusions)
  • Ancient Pages - Castle Guard
  • Ancient Pages - Nerianah
  • Golden Old Coin (Void of Illusions)
  • Tablet of History
  • Ice Plate (Buried Treasure)

  • Illustration 30
  • Illustration 84
  • Illustration 118
  • Painting 01
  • Painting 05
  • Trading Card 06
  • Trading Card 08
  • Trading Card 35