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Base of the Ironard bandits that kidnaps farmers from Arlon all in the attempt to get a hold of their explosives.

After some intervention from the PC, it becomes a home base. Workers are hired by Black Dame assuming you have enough food to support them.


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Castle Warrenguard Interior.png

Upgrade Paths

Part 1
Main Hall
Rubble right above save crystal: Tools x200, Clay x200, Manpower x40
Rubble left of save crystal: Tools x100, Clay x100, Manpower x10

East Sleeping Quarters
Rubble near stairs: Tools x300, Clay x200, Manpower x60

Prison Areas
Rubble near exit: Tools x200, Clay x100, Manpower x40

Walls: Stone x600, Glass x200, Manpower x60
Road: Tools x200, Stone x400, Manpower x80
Moat: Clay x400, Wood x200, Manpower x80

Part 2__: Tools x400, Cloth x600, Manpower x140, Glass x200, Wood x600, Iron x200, Water x400