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Crystal Sanctum as seen in LoQO2


The Crystal Sanctum acts as a transportation hub between various locations in the Legend of Queen Opala universe.

It can only be accessed via teleportation from Blue Crystals after one has obtained a Crystal Fragment.

The sanctum was introduced in Legend Of Queen Opala 2 and also appears in Legend of Queen Opala Origin. The crystals themselves must be activated at the specified location, but once active, the sanctum can be used to quickly reach previously activated locations.

History & Current Role

Little is known about the Crystal Sanctum or the Blue Crystals. It can be inferred by the glass floors that the sanctum itself is floating in the sky somewhere above the clouds. At this time it is not even clear if the Namarian sanctum and Beldorian sanctum are the same place.

According to the fortune teller Illumi, the sanctum was "created by the gods themselves" and its original purpose has been forgotten. However, it is currently "used by the few chosen ones who find a rare Crystal Fragment."

It is speculated that the Crystal Sanctum may share some history with the Greystone Ruins, where one such Crystal Fragment is found.

Legend of Queen Opala 2

The Crystal Sanctum in LoQO2 has two floors and 26 crystals. The Crystal Fragment to enable access is found in the Greystone Ruins. The "Episode 3" release of LoQO2 added a "Fast Travel" option, allowing the player to transport directly from one destination to another without moving through the sanctum.

Crystal Sanctum Map Small.jpg
Map of the Crystal Sanctum in LoQO2. Click for full size.

Major Items & Art

  • Illustration 78
  • Illustration XXX

Sealed Door

The door on the northern wall of the main room is sealed when you first visit the sanctum. An inscription on the door reads:

"To be allowed to enter the Ancient Sanctuary, one must finish the Trials of the Gathering. Travel across the world, see and learn everything in your path, only then may you have the knowledge to enter the Ancient Sanctuary"

Once all 26 Crystals have been activated, the door will unseal and take you to the Ancient Haven.

Legend of Queen Opala Origin

The Crystal Sanctum in LoQO Origin appears to be the home of the fortune teller Illumi. The Crystal Fragment can currently be obtained from a Traveling Scholar in Port Ronod.

As of the Episode 2 release, it has 8 crystals that can be activated, though 9 are shown and more are expected to be added in future releases.

Map of the Crystal Sanctum in LoQO Origin. Click for full size.