The Dunes of Shaabera is a large, mostly barren expanse between Echo Forest and the city of Shaabera. It features one of the largest single segment areas in the game, rivaled only by the relative size of the overworld map and, more recently, the Temple of Sacrifice.

History & Current Role


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Below is a list of the enemies which can be found in the Dunes of Shaabera.


Related Quests

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Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - Crawler
  • Ancient Pages - Ragnarok
  • Ancient Pages - Sand Giant
  • Golden Old Coin
  • Tablet of History

  • Trading Card 46
  • Trading Card 64


Dunes of Shaabera Scaled.jpg
In Progress

Note: Due to the nature of the graphics in the Dunes (specifically, the moving sandstorm layer) it was nearly impossible to create a single smooth map for each section. Although this will make the map more difficult to read, it should still be sufficient for finding one's way to all of the treasures, and through the Dunes. For those who are curious, the main area of the Dunes is 8 full screens high by 6 full screens wide (or, put another way, 120 paces by 120 paces, or 3840x3840 pixels).