Eclipse is one of the 8 Ultimas in LOQO 2. For fight information, click here.

Eclipse is a character introduced in the Legend of Queen Opala 2. He is a powerful horseman warrior, often bored by the weakness of his opponents. His strength has earned him the unofficial title of "undefeated horseman." In addition to being psychopathic and violent, Eclipse is extremely selfish and only cares about his own amusement or pleasure. Due to his massive size, Eclipse kills the women he has sex with, sometimes splitting them in two when he forces himself on them.

Domination of Neena

After having his way with, and consequently killing the priestesses of Divinity Island, Eclipse was approached by the swordswoman Neena. Neena attempted to hire Eclipse to kill Kai on behalf of her brother, Lord Kross. Eclipse however, still full of lust and unsatisfied, turned his attention to Neena's body and easily dominated her. Much to Eclipse's surprise, Neena was able to withstand his size. He decided to keep Neena as a sex-slave, using her whenever he pleased.

No doubt appealing to his desire for entertaining enemies, it seems Neena eventually did convince Eclipse to find Kai. Eclipse first finds Kai's house and challenges him to a fight at the Guild of Heroes. Kai manages to make Eclipse bleed, which Eclipse finds amusing. Eclipse retreats, but warns Kai that things are not over between them.

It is currently unknown where Eclipse has gone, or if Neena is still with him.