Festival Island is a post-game content area in both LOQO 1 and LOQO 2. The island is much like a carnival or amusement park. It features various games, entertainment, and some eccentric characters.

Legend of Queen Opala

Festival Island is one of several areas that can only be reached after Jake has purchased both a ship and a map. The island features four different games at which Jake can try his luck. Each game is split into three rounds, and each round won gives a different reward: first is gold, second is an item or accessory, and finally an exclusive staff member for Jake's mansion in Egypt. The Arena is slightly different, in that each "round" is actually made up of five individual fights, and Jake is only rewarded for defeating that round's champion in the final battle of that round.

Festival Games & Rewards

Rewards for winning each of the games, listed by round.

(Standard / NG+)


Race through a timed obstacle course filled with traps you must avoid.
1: 5,000G / 5,000G
2: Supreme Seed of Divine Mana / Medallion of the Queen
3: Cook / Cook (Staff for Mansion)
4+: 500G / 500G (Refund of the game cost.)


Sneak along a corridor while avoiding being spotted by guards.
1: 5,000G / 5,000G
2: Supreme Seed of Divine Life / Medallion of the King
3: Dancer / Dancer (Staff for Mansion)
4+: 500G / 500G (Refund of the game cost.)


Journey through a dimly lit maze while trying to locate a treasure. Fee: 500 gold.
1: 5,000G / 5,000G
2: Supreme Seed of Divine Strength / Vial of Supreme Experience
3: Bartender / Bartender (Staff for Mansion)
4+: 500G / 500G (Refund of the game cost.)

The Arena

Challenge four groups of monsters, then defeat the boss to claim the prize. Fee: 5,000 gold (one time only).
1: 10,000G / 20,000G
2: Ring of Divine Strength / Ring of Greater Thunder
3: Pleasure Jester / Pleasure Jester (Staff for Mansion)
4+: No Prizes

Other attractions on the island include:
  • the weapon shop, which boasts a selection of rare rings.
  • Lucia, a healer that can be recruited to Jake's party.
  • the final battle against Sir Edward the 3rd.
  • a bunnygirl that allows Jake to hire up to 10 staff members for his mansion, herself included

In order to recruit Opala, Farah, and/or Osira to his party, Jake needs to have earned a proper ending, and hired 12 staff members for his mansion. This means he must win all 3 rounds of at least two different Festival games.

Arena Enemies

For more detailed enemy information, click here.

Round 1
  • Werewuffies x5
  • Harpies x4
  • Zombies x5
  • Skeletons x3
  • 3rd Champion
Round 2
  • Tribulus x2
  • Bandit Swordsman, Bandit Assassins x2
  • Frozen Gigantus
  • Slimebags x3
  • 2nd Champion
Round 3
  • Deathtraps x2
  • Sand Bees x3
  • Unholy Skeletons x3
  • Darkewoods x3
  • Striker, Grand Champion
Optional Enemies

Residents & Natives

  • Lucia

Related Quests

  • The Missing Vial
  • Kick Ball (NG+)

Major Items & Art

  • Tablet of History (x2)

  • Illustration 02
  • Illustration 18
  • Illustration 52
  • Painting 11

Legend of Queen Opala 2

Festival Island is found in the south-west region of Namaria's ocean. Since the events of LOQO 1, Festival Island has experienced financial hardship. Allegedly the original owner of the island ran away and took all the profits with him. By the time Kai arrives on the island, most of its games and buildings are shut down. Kai however, can choose to at least partially revive the island by purchasing a couple of the Properties.

The Arena

It seems most arena activities have left Festival Island and moved to the new Arena of Champions on the main continent. However, if Kai purchases Festival Island's Arena, it will reopen in a limited capacity. Purchasing the Arena costs 150,000 Gold and requires that Kai purchase every other Property in Namaria.

Once opened, this Arena features 3 additional Classes: Class Ω (Omega), Class Σ (Sigma) and Class Γ (Gamma). These special classes are made up of Legendary Monsters. However, each Legendary only becomes available after Kai has defeated it in the wild.

Class Ω (Omega)

  • Nightmare Scythe
  • Primus Remains
  • Baron Centurius

Class Σ (Sigma)

  • Ancient Dragon
  • Neverus Warlock
  • Giganto Overlord
  • Mountain Grinder
  • Supreme Dragon
  • Nalura Tree
  • Blackeagle Leader
  • Stardust Spike
  • An'Terra Emperor
  • Obsidian Hornhide
  • Dumpster King
  • Prince of Cobras

Class Γ (Gamma)

  • Wolheim Roar
  • Tordose Shell
  • Onehan Wing
  • King Fossil
  • General Gnome
  • Infinite Viper
  • Mischief Overlord
  • Winged Cerberus
  • Grand Gatekeeper
  • Corrus Spawn
  • Moist Slimer
  • Seductress Pimp

Related Quests

  • Clown Killer

Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - Aquamouth
  • Tablet of History

  • Illustration 43
  • Illustration 70
  • Trading Card 67
  • Trading Card 85
  • Portrait of Sephira
  • Portrait of Naluna