Grand Aideen is the capitol of the Namarian province and, appropriately, one of the largest towns in LOQO2. It is the current home of Namaria's ruler, King Caldor II, as well as Cleric Gin'Yen (Zhu'Yen's son), and General Layla. Grand Aideen is also home to Madam Sonya's Palace and the Church of Grand Aideen. The town's size also lends itself to a wide variety of individuals and shops, including Namaria's only open air market.

History & Current Role

In Episode 2, Grand Aideen becomes the front line for Emperor Bestorahl's assault upon Namaria, in which he uses the long dormant golems housed inside of Aideen Castle to wreak havoc upon it's citizens. Despite appearing to mortally wound King Caldor II, Bestorahl's plans to destroy the will of Namarian soldiers and citizens are apparently thwarted by Kai and party when they break through his ranks and rescue the King.
Grand Aideen is restored to its undamaged after defeating Seth in the Royal Palace in Thebes.

Residents & Natives

King_Caldor_II_Portrait.jpgKing Caldor II

The current ruler of Namaria, he can always be found sitting on his throne in the rear of Castle Aideen. Caldor cared deeply for his people, but admits that his authority is limited, owning up to mistakes regarding Castle Resteed and Lord Kross. Conversing with him completes Chapter 2-1 of the main quest and begins Chapter 2-2.

General LaylaLayla_Portrait.jpg

Head of the royal guard, Caldor II offers her skills to Kai and his party after tasking them to investigate Mt. Dreadclaw. Strict and loyal, she will quickly defend her king from attacks both physical and verbal. Accepting her into the party will prevent Kai from recruiting Latex later in the game.


Son of Zhu'Yen and head Cleric of the Church of Grand Aideen, in which he also resides. Gin'Yen has chosen to follow in his father's footsteps, becoming a healer and aiding those who enter his church seeking assistance. He will offer his services to Kai and his party should his father, Zhu'Yen, be killed by Altum the Dark Knight during Chapter 1-1.

Madam SonyaMadam_Sonya_Portrait.jpg

Proprietor of the brothel Madam Sonya's Palace located in the Northeast section of town. She appears to be concerned for her customers' satisfaction, despite her brothel's significant backlog of appointments. She always stands in the lobby of her brothel, greeting patrons immediately after they enter.

Minor Characters

  • Chrono
  • Insane Nun
  • Aideen Beggar
  • Worried Mother
  • The Lost Child
  • Royal Soldier (Left side of first room of palace) -- needs "special Growth Pills."
  • Troubled Merchant (up center of Open Air Market)
  • Exhausted Woman and her "poor dog" (in little house by the items shop)
  • Little Boy, Happy Boy, Eager Child, and Angry Child (the Hide and Seek kids)

Shops & Taverns

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(Full list of Grand Aideen inventories)
  • Tavern - Southwestern Aideen, westernmost building
  • Open Air Market - Southern Aideen, immediately north of the Save Crystal
  • Weapons & Armor - Northern part, right on the corner of the road you take to go to the castle.
  • Items & Gifts - South East Aideen, next to last building before you turn to go to the North section of town.
  • Gifts & Material - North West Aideen, you pass it just before you get to the brothel.
  • Distant Wagon Service - small road heading north between road to castle and brothel


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Below is a list of the enemies which can be found in Grand Aideen.


Related Quests

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Below is a list of quests that involve Grand Aideen.

Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - Dark Bat
  • Ancient Pages - Garbage Breath (Void of Illusions)
  • Ancient Pages - Lost Spirit
  • Golden Old Coin x2 (One in Void of Illusions)
  • Tablet of History x2

  • Illustration 04
  • Illustration 31
  • Illustration 64
  • Illustration 76
  • Painting 07
  • Painting 13
  • Trading Card 04
  • Trading Card 36
  • Trading Card 39
  • Trading Card 48
  • Trading Card 58
  • Trading Card 82


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