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Illumi is a NPC introduced in Legend of Queen Opala Origin. Little is known about her background. She is a Fortune Teller that seems to be residing in the Crystal Sanctum. Illumi can see the future, but is careful about what she reveals lest she tamper with the timeline. She will however provide guidance to the player and give advice on the next steps of your journey.

It is unclear what her connection is, if any, to the Tower of Illumi.

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Occupation: Fortune Teller

Dimensional Shards

Illumi will ask you to help her by collecting Dimensional Shards. These strange objects are at the center of dimensional rifts that have formed in various locations in the Beldorian Empire. She states that these rifts have been caused by someone using magic that affects the timeline and that these rifts threaten to tear apart the world if left unchecked. The rifts are invisible until Illumi gives you your first Dimensional Shard.
Illumi promises to give you rewards as you collect more shards and implies that she may offer you her body if you collect enough of them..

(Click here for the locations of Dimensional Shards)

Relationship Points

First encounter
  • +1: "That better be a promise..."
  • -1: "Hey, I wasn't even looking!"

Collect at least 15 shards, first reward, say "I want something personal", footjob scene
  • +1: "F-Fuck, this is hot as hell..."
  • -1: "Sorry, not really my thing..."
  • -1 (requires at least 2 Renegade choices): "Making the best out of it..."
    • Leads to optional blowjob scene