Within the world of LOQO 1 are several items that can be collected for the sake of obtaining information or otherwise making gameplay easier. These key items are found only within treasure chests, and cannot be purchased, stolen or acquired from enemy drops, meaning that there is a set number of each per game, and that their locations are absolute. The following is a listing these items and the locations where they can be found.

Tablet of History

Tablets of history are used to acquire information from the fortune teller located in the Egyptian Capitol, but can only be found once the Tiara of the Goddess is acquired from the Traveling Scholar in Athrosa. The fortune teller herself will give a new piece of information after collecting a total of 1, 8, 18, and 25 tablet(s). Note that tablets 19-25 can only be obtained after the main quest is completed (labeled as [PG]).


  1. Egypt - Capitol - Main Square - House above blonde girl in main square, capital of Egypt.
  2. Egypt - Capitol - East (Tavern) - South of the Camel Toe tavern.
  3. Egypt - Palace - In the ante-room en route to the Royal Ballroom.
  4. Egypt - Northern Desert - Northeast corner of large, open area.
  5. Egypt - Palace - Dungeons - On path to the Crystal Ritual Chamber beneath the dungeons.
  6. Egypt - Pharaoh's Tomb - Behind some traps one screen west of the stairs down to the final hallway.
  7. Greece - West Athrosa Woods - Southeast corner of rope bridge area, just after portal cave.
  8. Greece - Athrosa - Second floor of barracks.
  9. Greece - Path to Crossroads - Southeast corner of large grassy area one screen west of the exit from Athrosa Cave.
  10. Greece - Path to Crossroads - Isolated Ruins - First room inside the isolated ruins.
  11. Greece - Path to Mount Falcon - Near the exit of the cave that leads to Mount Falcon.
  12. Greece - Mount Falcon - Basement of first house in Mount Falcon.
  13. Greece - Ruins of the Past - In crumbled room on the second screen of the main area of Ruins of the Past.
  14. Greece - Tower of Hades - West side of the gatehouse outside the Tower of Hades.
  15. Greece - Tower of Hades - West side of the building on top of the Tower of Hades.
  16. Greece - Osira's Lair - Southeast of the room with the Smart Goblin.
  17. Festival Island - Town - In the main shop.
  18. Festival Island - Arena - West side of the balcony.
  19. Egypt [PG] - Hell Dune Cave - In the lava cavern at the bottom of the cave.
  20. Greece - [PG] - Bandit Fortress - Outside the Bandit Fortress.
  21. Snowy Land [PG] - Western Snowy Fields - Southwest of the furthest west area, below a raised platform with a cave.
  22. Snowy Land [PG] - Eastern Snowy Fields - Southeast of the Legendary Krona (large bird), down a set of narrow stairs.
  23. Snowy Land [PG] - Ice Caves - Northeast path in the area one screen west of the entrance.
  24. Monster Cove [PG] - Dungeon - Jail cell on the right of your landing spot in the dungeon.
  25. Dead Rock [PG] - Beach - From the ship, follow the path all the way around back to the southwest.

Eye_of_Horus.jpgEye of Horus

The Eye of Horus, when used, will decrease the transparency of wandering enemies on the map, gradually making them more visible with each consumption, This makes searching for monsters easier. There are some enemies, such as Legendary Monsters, which are visible without the Eye. There is no benefit holding on to them use immediately.


  1. NW corner garden of Anuket
  2. dungeon, after second lizardman fight, on the left
  3. NW corner of Great Land area with signpost
  4. NW corner, past rope bridge outside of Greece portal cave
  5. woods two screens north of Athrosa in NW corner, in chest.
  6. in chest in SW corner of the large grassy area west of the exit from the cave found north of Athrosa village. from the singpost head NW up rocky stairs, go west pass trees, then south all the way down to find the chest in a narrow area.
  7. chest south of pole crossroads, west of ruins (first encounter with Naacia, third fight with Sir Edward the 3rd).
  8. inside a chest near the exit of the cave that leads to mount falcon.
  9. inside a chest in a ruined building in the first area of ruins of the past (past the bridge).
  10. inside chest in church, ruins of the past.
  11. inside chest near exit of lava cavern at the bottom of the tower of Hades.
  12. inside chest in Osira's lair. after the entrance cross a large stone bridge in the next room it is to the right on a narrow ledge.
  13. chest in Pharaoh's Tomb.
  14. chest inside fortune teller's house.