Story Scenes

  • [Opala] Reenter the Throne Room after being dismissed by Opala and sleeping in the guard barracks.
  • [Farah] After capturing Farah for Osira (Evil Side only)
  • [Osira] Accept Osira's punishment/reward for capturing Farah (Evil Side only)
  • [Opala, Osira & Farah] After defeating and capturing Opala for Osira (Evil Side only)

Optional Event Scenes

  • [Farah] At night, sneak into the stables via the nearby well. (IMPORTANT: First, you need to talk to her in the stables during the day, and then at the shop that sells the Balls)
  • [Farah] Sleep in the guard barracks after sneaking into the stables.
  • [Opala] Return to the Egyptian palace dungeon after teleporting to Greece but before entering the Tower of Hades (Good Side only)
  • [Osira] Betray Osira by taking one or more of the elemental's essences for yourself. Occurs only after completing the Pharaoh's Tomb.

Special Scenes

  • [Farah] Encounter the Octobreeder at Sea (sail 10 times) with Farah as a party member.