The main character has the option to make a number of good or evil choices in the game. These choices are tracked by how many of each sort you make and there is a counter for each in the Completion book. In LoQO II Ep. I there is no known benefit or detriment for having made many good or evil choices, although there are sometimes consequences to individual choices.

Castle Resteed
  • Evil: Turn in Master Hen'Tai.

Castle Resteed Item Shop
  • Good: Call the cheapskate a jerk.
  • Evil: Congratulate him on his cheapness.

Slave tower in Rockgard Village
  • Good: Reprimand Hawk about his slavery business.
  • Evil: Congratulate Hawk on his slavery business.

Man standing in front of cliff in Rockgard Village
  • Good: Tell him the cliff is dangerous.
  • Evil: Push him off the cliff.

After the battle at the Frontier Aqueduct
  • Good: Tell the knight losing Opala was not his fault.
  • Evil: Tell the knight he disgusts you.

Talking to Gin'Yen in the church in Grand Aideen
  • Good: Promise the party will find Opala.
  • Evil: Suggest the party stop searching for Opala (also gives you -1 standing with Farah).

During the Missing Child quest in Grand Aiden
  • Good: Give your pet to little girl.

Grand Aideen
  • Good: Give money to beggar near the park.

During the Valethorn Mystery Quest, talk with the people in the North-West cave:
  • Good: "You can count on it!"
  • Evil: "Meh, I don't think so..."

Totville: Mining Troubles Quest
  • Good: Kill the bandits in the mine.
  • Evil: Accept the money and let them go.

After killing the two Giga Lardo in Mount Dreadclaw
  • Good: Choose to look for both Opala and artifacts.
  • Evil: Choose to look for artifacts only (also gives you -1 standing with Farah).

  • Good: Let the customer from slave outpost to escape.
  • Evil: Beat him up.

After defeating Duchess Velvetta beneath Duchess Mansion at the end of Truth or Dare Quest
  • Good: Save her from the zombies.
  • Evil: Refuse to save her and/or stay and watch.

Shaabera Palace
  • Good: Say the truth to the queen.
  • Evil: Lie to the queen.

Nazadina (Gnolls Bar)
  • Good: Demand Gabe be set free.
  • Evil: Compliment Gnoll on his business with Gabe.‚Äč

Solheim: Mailman Duties Quest
  • Good: Stop the bandits
  • Evil: Choose "Mind if I join you guys ?"

Solheim: The Seahorse Quest
  • Good: "Don't worry, it's the past"
  • Evil: "I won't forget it"

Neverus Tribe
  • Good: Say you won't mind meeting Kodah
  • Evil: Show disgust ‚Äčthat Kodah is a monster.

After defeating Seth in Thebes' Royal Palace
  • Good: Say you agree with Opala decision
  • Evil: Say Seth should be executed

Blackeagle Fortress after Hawk takes over the Bleackeagle bandits
  • Good: Say you will never sell Opala as a slave
  • Evil: Say you will think about Hawk offer