Note to Editors: Please indicate any bugs as being fixed once they have been fixed in a new version.

Mapping Bugs

Blocked Glowing Desks by beds

The beds in the Grand Aideen Palace's Dungeon and the Duchess' Dungeon are blocking some of the glowing desks in these two dungeons Fixed in Episode II.

Merchant's Law

Completing this quest blocks access to Dark Bat Ancient Page and Trading Card 39 They are not blocked you can take them during the night.

Totville, non-solid wall.

In the southwest corner of the town, under the first house, it is possible to walk through the corner of the cliff and walk in the closed off area behind it as seen here Fixed in Full Version.

Kai's House

You can't walk into the upper left corner of the first floor (stairs), but you can walk into the upper right corner (axe) Fixed in Full Version.

Castle Resteed (Inside/Kross's Castle)

In the second room (the one leading down to the treasury/prison) on the left side food is lying on the floor and blocking the path. It's probably meant to lie on the tables, but was misplaced Fixed in Full Version.

Blackeagle Ship

In the right corner of the ship near the steering wheel, it is possible to walk through one of the barrel.

Blackeagle Fortress

If you sleep until night in any bed and then you teleport to the crystal in the fortress It's always daylight,

Rockguard Village - Slave Outpost

Once Hawk has taken over the Blackeagle gang, the pair of mercenaries with poleaxes on the first floor don't block the player's sprite.

Hills of Sanctus

If you go where you fight Altum for the second time during the night,it will be even day.

Other Bugs...

Illustration Titled Incorrectly

Illustration #109 is titled "#108 - Obedient Queen" in the gallery.
It should probably be "#109 - Obedient Queen". Confirmed in Golden Edition.

Grey-"Insert random word" Ruins

In many (some/a few/...meh) conversations, e.g. Milana's house and Rockguard (i think),Traveling Scholar in Totville, characters call the way up to/down from Rockguard Greyroad Ruins instead of Greystone Ruins. Confirmed in Full Version

Approval rating change message wont dissapear

This happens mostly when giving gifts to companions. Current fix is to open the art gallery from your inventory, which should clear the message Fixed in version 1.01.

Picture of Hero excessively shown after the defeat of Bastorahl

After the defeat of Bastorahl, the hero is constantly shown at the end of other character's conversation line even though he has nothing to say. The hero says his own line perfectly though. (From the latest LOQO release) Fixed.

"Not Used" Items

Appears to be the result of acquiring Titanium x 2 from a chest near Conquest Castle, And again from acquiring Poison Stone(?) x3 From the Grand Aideen canals. It doesn't appear to break anything, but, like the name implies, these items are apparently useless Fixed in Episode II.

Chest in Breeze Woods

The chest says you get a lightning rod but instead it is a lightning mace Fixed in Full Version.

Ore's Power level in Weapons and Armor

Steel weapons are better than gold weapons, but gold armors are better than steel armors.
Titanium weapons are better than diamond weapons, but diamond armors are better than titanium armors
Fixed in Episode II.

Art Gallery CGs

The Easten label shows the western game's GCs, and the Western label shows the eastern game's CGs
Confirmed in V 1.01 Fixed in Episode II.

Rockgard Village's Armor/Weapon Shoopkeeper

The weapons and armors sold are Bronze/Soft or Silver/Hard but Iron/Rabbit is skipped Fixed in Full Version (You need to buy the shop to make them appear).

Rockgard Village's Blacksmith

When forging weapons, the options Bronze, Iron, Silver and Steel are listed, but Gold weapons are missing. Confirmed in Full Version.

Baltera Village's Blacksmith

It seems that both, the Rabbit and the Soft Cape/Robe, require exactly the same materials to be forged, even if the Rabbit gear is superior Fixed in Full Version, now Rabbit Cape/Robe require Sandstone and Rabbit Pelt, Soft Cape/Robe only Rabbit Pelt.
When forging weapons, the options Bronze, Iron, Silver and Steel are listed, but Gold weapons are missing. Confirmed in Full Version

Baltera Village's Armor/Weapon Shoopkeeper

The weapons and armors sold are Bronze/Soft or Silver/Hard, but Iron/Rabbit (which are in between the aforementioned) are skipped Fixed in Full Version (You need to buy the shop to make them appear).

Baltera Village's Distant Wagon service

If you have already mapped Castle Resteed, Grand Aideen and Shaabera, and you choose to use the route A, you don't have a return/cancel option. In other words, you are forced to travel to one of the above mentioned locations. Specifically, Shaabera should be listed under route B. Confirmed in Full Version

Grand Aideen's Blacksmith

It seems that both, the Wolf and the Fiber Cape/Robe, requiere exactly the same materials to be forged, even if the Fiber gear is superior Confirmed in v 1.01 Fixed in Full Version.

Osira sex scene (clean version)

If you trigger the scene for the "Sorceress' mate" achievement entering to any shop with a blacksmith (except Totville and Greenfield lands) it doesn't skip the scene and the shops reaming empties for the rest of the game. You can see Osira sprite but cant interact with her, its intangible also.

Legendary Monster List Error

After defeating the Supreme Demon, a red "X" will appear over the icon representing the Nalura Tree. The record itself, however, will correctly indicate the Supreme Demon as being defeated. The reverse is also true, suggesting that the flags for the "X" markers are simply reversed Fixed in Episode II.

Legendary Monster List Error II

Monsters you have yet to meet are shown as "????", however the Seductress Pimps name is displayed even before you face him or kill the required number of Seductress' Fixed in Episode II.

Mega Magical Growth/Shrink

When player uses either of these items, player freezes and cannot be moved. The rest of the game's environment moves but, player is unable to be moved. Shrink in particular open a page from the illustrations art gallery but, cannot interact with it Fixed in Episode II.

Shaabera's Blacksmith

The blacksmith in Shaabera seems NOT to require Simple Sub Arms recipe to forge Gold and Platinum Armlets. Platinum armors, sub armors and helmets requiere Advanced Mineral to be forged, but the next level armors (Titanium) use Basic Mineral instead just like lower level armor like Gold or Mithril. Similarly, leather armory requieres Basic Mineral, but the superior Bear Pelt armory does not use any mineral at all.
Confirmed in Full Version / Fixed in Full Version the Armlets Recipe

Shaabera's Cock Grabbing Quest

After you've started the quest and in daytime. If you go to the house where you're supposed to go at night and try to enter the hallway between the bedroom area and cock storage area, the invisible man will catch you and throw you out. Confirmed in V 1.01 Fixed in Full Version.

Shaabera's Armor/Weapon Shoopkeeper

The weapons and armors sold are Silver+Gold+Platinum / Hard+Fiber+Leather, but Steel+Mithril / Wolf+Tiger (which are inbetween the aforementioned) are skipped. In Full Version if you buy the shop Mithtil+Titanium / Tiger+Bear will appear but no Steel / Wolf.

Shaabera's Palace Library

There are 2 guards with synchronized movement, one is patrolling but the other one says he is reading and he still moves from one side to the other Fixed in Episode II.

Totville's Armor/Weapon Shopkeeper

At least for me, whenever I choose to browse the weapons he has available it causes the game to crash Fixed in version 1.01.

Totville's Scholar

The fourth question asked by the scolar is about the type of monster the Rowhawk is (Beast, Goblin, Aquatic, etc.)
According to the Ancient pages, it is an Avian, but for the scholar, the correct answer is Beast.
Additionally, skills that deal additional damage to Beasts are more effective against Rowhawks Fixed in version 1.01.

Gun Used to Make Sub Arms

The blacksmith in Greenfield Lands offers to make a Diamond Armlet using a Ceremonial Gun in the place of a Complex Sub Arm Fixed in Full Version.

Legendary Monsters Not Appearing

The Supreme Demon, Seductress Pimp and Nalura Tree legendarys don't appear, even after double their requirement has been met
Fixed in version 1.01.

Missing/Bugged Artwork

Illustration 47 (found in Solheim) does not appear to exist in the game files; causes a crash when you attempt to view it Fixed in version 1.01.

Layla's skill

Layla's skill "Grand Barrier" appears to give the status "Power" instead of "Barrier" Fixed in Episode II.

Too Early Text (spoilerish) About the Statues Coming Alive, upon your very first visit to Grand Aideen (Chapter 2 Act 01), long before the later story event of when it gets attacked by the statues coming alive.

This 1st part of the royal soldier's text is NOT the problem, as it refers to the Giga Plump and Valancio kidnapping plot scene that had just occured back at Frontier Aqueduct: "It's almost scary to think the monsters actually plotted the attack, that'd mean they're intelligent..."
This 2nd part of the royal soldier's text IS the problem: "To think the statues we had in the castle were actually alive all along..."
Grand Aideen, SW corner (1 screen west of the blue crystal screen), Royal Soldier on the Right, Day Time Fixed in Full Version.

Lilith has no option during the Date Bait Quest in Tel Ravida's Tavern to cheer up the quest giving soldier by the Inn.

I haven't checked whether Latex does or not, but Iliona has the option, but she refuses to carry out your request. So, this may or may not be a bug, as I need to check with Latex to see if she gets an option (whether or not she turns down the request is irrelevant), to know whether all the female characters should have the option or not Fixed in Full Version.

Mithril Mace still does -4 damage compared to (what is suppose to be) the weaker Gold Mace, when the Mithril Mace should be doing +8 damage compared to the Gold Mace. As the other Mithril weapons all give +8 damage better than the other Gold weapons Fixed in Ful Version.

Totville Blacksmith

Wisdom (+10 INT, No PDEF, No MDEF) Belt and Cape are seemingly missing, as there is a Wisdom Armlet however. Confirmed in Full Version

Spotted this in a forum. Dragonoids needed to kill to spawn ledgend may be off.

A guy in a forum stated that, while it states that you need to kill 20 dragonoids to spawn the legend, he said he got the spawn after 15 kills. I do not know how accurate this is, but hey.. better safe than sorry Not a bug, you need to kill 20 dragonoids not 15, the information was wrong.

Liliths lack of movement during Hills of Sanctus cutscene.

After obtaining the Armour of Nabonaga and returning to the Hills of Sanctus to face Altum, when the party moves forward to talk to the guards Lilith will fail to move forward and will stand in place. This also happens in Grand Aldeen battle when the party reaches the injured King.

The wrong Heros face used in dialogue.

If the player chooses one of the new heros added in 1.02, (In this case, the short blonde hero), when the player reaches the Hills of Sanctus at the begining of the game, the hero comments with the face of the old "light" hero instead of his own Fixed in Full Version.

At Night, Roawks have 5 of them in a battle, but in the Azure Falls screen nearest to its World Map's southern entrance-exit, one of them, only has 3 Roawks in the battle instead of the 5 Fixed in Full Version.

Perverted Golem bug.

In the Castle Conquest courtyard, instead of fighting a Perverted Golem, there is a Beta Golem, it attacks you unlike other Perverted Monsters but still gives you the Trading Card Fixed.

Achivement Unlocking Error (when you get the purple ore x3 in the Blackeagle Ship area)

You're given the "Beyond Darkness" (7th Story Boss) Achievment Unlocking-Completion upon mining the purple ore in the Blackeagle Ship area for the Cold Trail Quest Fixed in Full Version.

Warlock Achievement is Missing.

Considering that every other character has an achievement for getting them, it is odd that there's no achievement for getting the Warlock. I know there's the achievement for getting all of the characters, but this still doesn't explain why there's no warlock achievement, when there is one for every other character.

(Possible error) Thebes scholar question.

In the quiz of the scholar in Thebes, as his final question he asks "What was Osiras talent, even before her sexual awakening?" and the answer is "Anal sex". One of the possible answers is "Footjob" and given the wording of the question it would make more sense if "Footjob" was the correct answer since Osira is quick to preform one, also the "before her sexual awakening" part would also imply that "Footjob" is the correct answer. Osira starts off with Anal sex as her highest skill in the sex training minigame.

Wrong Ancient Page in Temple of Sacrifice

You already gotten the Ragnarok Ancient Page elsewhere (Dunes of Shaabera - I think), but a chest in the Temple of Sacrifce gives you another Ragnarok Ancient Page. I presume this was-is suppose to give you the Armageddon Ancient Page Fixed in Full Version.

Layla's sprite disappears in Temple of Sun when your sprite group approaches Osira and Valencio. Her sprite is their initially - before you move up, but then her sprite disappears Fixed in Full Version.

Greenfield Crystal Functions.

After you build the guest house for your land, there is a glitch that when after building the gallery home (where your wall pictures go), When entering and coming out of the house, the sign that tells you what you need to still build for your land (that is in front of your house), It tells you, you still need to build a guest house. With build the guest house again that you built, and wastes your money.

Balance issue.

Layla is too strong! Her Strength gets too high, too much +str at level ups, and-or she starts (when you get her, her starting level) at too high str. I think her weapon's damage isn't a problem (same damage as other weapons), but I haven't carefully paid attention to this. In Full Version she has about 30 points more than the protagonist when they are at the same level (no Weapon or Ring equipped)

Gordo Farm.

Player's face/picture doesn't appear when Gordo offers hero first job, but the options to accept or refuse still show up.

If you do the quest before getting Trading Card #33 from the Farmer, you can't get it afterwards.

Wrong Trigger for League of Perverts Newsletter

Something in Frost Canyon (opening a chest/mining an ore?) triggers one Neena's of newsletter's even before the events described happen in-game (in my case: between entering Thebes & fighting Seth). (Can someone check this please? In my game did not happen)

Trigger for Neverus Warlock is incorrect.

The trigger for the Neverus Warlock to appear is currently set to Chapter 8 so it does not require any enemies to be defeated for it to appear.

Naluna is still called Cassandra in Chapter's 04-03 description.

Ancient Page in Post-Game Missing

After finishing the main storyline, the Ancient Pages for the An'Terra Insect (Frost Canyon An'Terra Lair) doesn't show up in the Notebook once acquired.

Missing Party Members

Followers are inaccessible. Presumably after reloading a save which used NG+(not sure how that should affect this but it was the only reasonable explanation).

No longer able to ask Farah to visit soldier in Tel Ravida

In the gold edition you are no longer able to ask Farah to visit the soldier for the Date Bait quest. Technically you can still ask Farah to visit the soldier, but the timing is now limited. If you have any conversation with Farah in the Tel Ravida tavern before suggesting she meet the soldier, the option will no longer appear. Also, if you've already talked to Farah at 10 other taverns, the option will not appear. This limitation was introduced in Golden Edition due to the addition of the marriage system.

Marriage system issues.

With the addition of the marriage system several oddities and a few problems have occurred. Since you are able to have the royals ask you to marry them some strange things can occur such as the royal guards appearing even though they are not aware of what is happened and would have no reason to be in Greenfield, Nehas appearing in Greenfield even though you have yet to visit Thebes, or Osira appearing in your home in Greenfield even though she fled to be with Altum. These can all be resolved by adding the flag that requires Thebes to be liberated to the event allowing the royals to ask if you will marry them. A big issue is that if you agree to marry Opala or Osira this locks you out of being able to trigger their "Bad Ends". This becomes a major issue when you discover this when playing New Game Ultra and can no longer reset things so that you can unlock any missing endings.

Can't rest fatigue & Gabrielle went missing

Happens in the Gold edition. Right after liberate Thebes, unlock the gnoll tavern in Nazadina, try visit Gabrielle, but she's not there, instead, a blond girl shows up. You can still playing the mini pimp game though, but there are no "rest fatique" option while rest in bed. Solved after finished the monster pimp quest.

Gabrielle's rise of fame

LOQOII Golden edition. The quest is not in quest log and is impossible to complete. When you go to Thebes catacombes to defeat Seth. (And get expert lockpick to go to Nazadina) you get a message : This quest will be affected....But you can not complete it even in new game + or new game ultra.
.....May be it is possible...Just find the expert lockpick in the stable (before go to Thebes catacombes) and then go to Nazadina.

Getting stucked after New Game Ultra

When you use the Orb of Restoration after defeating Bastorahl in New Game Ultra, the Game doesn´t Trigger the scene with Milana and Kai walking to his House. Instead you can move around, enter your house and make things worse. After the scene with Richter you go to Zhu`Yen, enter his garden and nothing happens. You can´t even talk to him. When you enter his house the normal dialogue starts but your position is more to the right than usual causing you to get stuck in the bottom right corner after the dialogue ended.

Typos and grammar

All the grammatical errors found in the game are listed here in chronological order (Following the story-line of course), and are classified according to the location they occur in:

First meeting with Richter just outside of hero's house, hero says, " sword and turn you into three kind of dishes." kinds Fixed.

Upon first meeting with Zhu'Yen, he says, "Say, can I invite you for a glass of Chateru?" This should read, "Say, can I invite you in for a glass of Chateru?" OR "Say, can I interest you in a glass of Chateru?" Fixed.

Sanctus Hills

If you speak with Zhu'Yen after Opala is kidnapped in frontier acueduct the hero will say to Zhu'Yen:
"Opala WERE kidnapped..."
Since Opala is a single addressee, the 3rd singular grammatical pony should be used when refering to her.
Accordingly, the conjugation of the verb "to be" that agrees with such a grammatical pony is WAS instead of the conjugation WERE that agrees with the 1st and 3rd plural grammatical ponies and the 2nd grammatical pony in both, its singular and plural forms.

The hero answers latter:
"Yeah, but I'll do everything I can DO get her back..."
I think he was meant to say TO instead.

Upon first meeting mysterious noble, she says, "...but there isn't time! We have to get out of there!" here Fixed.

Fleeing from Altum, hero says, "...father, and you took away his role with his family, like it was worth nothing!" Since he's actually speaking of Z's recent demise, hero could have said, "...and you destroyed his family as if it/they meant nothing!"

2nd meeting with Altum, he says, "For here you are with the three artifacts in your possession..." This should be, "For here you are with three artifacts..."

Farah says, "D-Dear lord, are you all right!?" This should be, "D-Dear Lord, are you alright!?" This may not be a mistake, though. See

Mountain Road

Upon entering cave with Opala to rest and talk, she says, "My last two Royal Guards fought for my life, but..." Since Opala AND Farah were together at the time, Opala should have said, "My last two Royal Guards fought bravely to defend us, but...." Fixed.

Castle Resteed

Upon first arriving, hero says, "I have a friend....she might have an idea of what we should do." about

In Kross' dungeon, hero says, "...these kind of absurd situations." kinds

Checking desk near dungeon exit, hero says, "Someone need to clean this..." needs

If you buy the deeds to the inn before initiating the quest from the sleeping man (Sleeptalker), you can't start it afterwards.

In the cutscene just after leaving to look for Farah or Murdock, Lord Kross says:
"I...didn't EXCEPT to see you..."
He should have said EXPECT instead Fixed.

"Let me introduce you to my sister, Neena. She HAVE recently returned..."
In the second sentence, Neena is refered to with the 3rd singular grammatical pony pronoun SHE and the verb used is HAVE.
HAVE is a conjugation of the verb that does not agree with the 3rd singular grammatical pony, but the conjugation of the same verb HAS does agree with it, so it should be used instead Fixed.

After acquiring the ribbon of speech, the second guard dog (when entering the city from the East) says:
" better BEHAIVE or I'll seek..."
It should be BEHAVE Fixed.

1st meeting with Master Hen'Tai in tavern, he says, "...from all around the worlds..." world

Diane the Huntress says, "...charge you once for each information." This could be, "...charge you once for any different information I give you." Or "...charge you once for different information."
She then says, " drink is getting warmer here." warm

Male Vigilante in weapon shop says, "That event over at the Hills of Sanctus will surely prove to be a 'Gold' mine for mercenaries." Gold should NOT be capitalized as it is numerous times in dialogue after dialogue. It should just be, gold.

Lord Kross' big first speech, he says, "...Let me begin 'with' calming your fears." Since he's about to reference the Shadow Spike incident, he should have said, "...Let me begin by calming your fears."

Shouting Guard in Kross dungeon with hero locked up for being a traitor (along with his companions and others after losing the fight) says, "Keep quiet and don't disturb us guards 'in vain', and your stay here will be that much easier for you." Since no one is getting out regardless of what they do or say, the guard should have just said, "Keep quiet and don't disturb us guards, and your stay here will be that much easier."

Male Cheapskate says, "If she were to flash in a public place..." Since the masked woman referred to showing her boobies, the prick should have said, "If she were to flash her boobies or boobs or titties in a public place..."

Relaxing Adventurer in tavern says, "It's said that their true purpose is far more than just simply recording progress for those who use it." It is singular and would only mean one such item, but since there are more than one, making these items plural, he should have said, "...than just simply recording progress for those who use them."

Disappointed Adventure (in front of Kross castle) says, "Bah, people should be more concerned about the Shadow Spikes then fighting among themselves." In this case, than should be used since the man is making a comparison. Hence, he should say, "...Shadow Spikes than fighting among themselves."

Thug at bottom of C.R. says, "You want trouble?" Hero replies, "No, I'm only here to solve one." perhaps this could be, " to put an end to it." Or " to stop it." Or " to end it." If thug had said, "You want a problem?", then hero's original reply would be correct.

Tower of Illumi

In conversation with Crazy Alchemist after getting first potion, hero says, "The 'ingrediences' I fetched you before didn't work?" This is clearly a typo and should be, ingredients, not ingrediences.

Rockguard Village

Muscular Guard in basement of Slave Outpost says, "...He has his office on the top floor." This should be, "...His office is on the..."

Speaking to Farah for the 1st time:
"Of course, I'm more THEN open for suggestions."
THEN is an adverb (a temporal one) used as sentence connector and it is not a comparative adverb.
In this sentence the appropriate adverb is a comparison one: THAN.
NOTE: In writing, than and then are often erroneously interchanged.
In standard English, then refers to time, while than is used in comparisons

Chubby Customer says, "I spent a whole bag of Gold to see..." Gold should be gold.

Hero says, "...Those huge tits surely make even the Gods drool!" Gods should be gods. Not a bug.
Milana replies, "...But I have a hard time saying no to that." Since Milana also appears to be interested in seeing Farah in action, she should have said, "...hard time saying no to this." That would have indicated Milana being part of the action which she would NOT have wanted.

Farah says, "If the Gods didn't want us...." Gods should be gods. Not a bug.

Slave Outpost cells after freeing Farah.
Farah says, "Did that man ‘said’ he’d buy me for his goat?" Shouldn't this be 'say'?

Upon meeting Lilith the 2nd time, she says, "Sure, we didn't get ourselves a good start...But I think we have great potential." This should read either, "Sure, we didn't get off to a good start..." OR possibly, "Sure, we didn't get ourselves off to a good start..."

Tired Mercenary says to masked woman, "I'm telling you, the Warden don't have the time to make an appointment with you." If the mercenary was referring to himself, the verb contraction would apply, but since he's referring to the Warden, he should have said, "...the Warden doesn't have the time..." The mercenary indicated that the woman wanted to make an appointment with the Warden, but it seems as if she was actually asking to see him or speak to him, so the mercenary should have said, "...doesn't have the time to see you or meet you or talk to you."

Gabrielle says to hero, "I mean, you'll have to sprint between towns..." Since she's referring to her own problems and not the hero's, she should have said, "I mean, you have to sprint...."

Hawk the Warden
Upon meeting up with their old chum, Milana says, "But that feels like a different lifetime, when the gang had some morality to it." Since she's been out of the gang for some time and has a different life now, she might have said, "But that feels like a lifetime ago..." OR "But that was a lifetime ago..."
Hawk then says to Milana, "Heh, I hear you still haven't washed your mouth with soap since..." Since Hawk is referring to Milana's sarcastic quip and nothing else, and because he thinks she has a dirty mouth, he should have said, "Heh, I see you still haven't washed your mouth out with soap since..."
Hero replies, "I have to agree...there is no honor in trading with slaves." Hawk isn't trading with slaves, he's a slave trader. Hence, this should be, "...there is no honor in being a slave trader."
Hawk then says, "...Or why are you here?" If hero didn't come just to insult Hawk, then Hawk is right to ask if he has other reasons for the visit. However, Hawk might have inquired, "Or, is there another reason you're here?" Or "Or, are you here for something else?"

Irene is rescued and hero says to her, "Phew, thank the Gods!...give you this for some time, but never dare to cross the Great Ocean himself!" This should be, "...thank the Gods!...give you this some time ago, but he never dared to cross the Great Ocean himself!"
Irene says, "Indeed, which I'm very grateful!" This should be either, "Indeed, for which I'm very grateful!" Or "Indeed, which I'm very grateful for!"

Breeze Woods

The transport crystal is named as Tistel, rather than Breeze Woods.
"- Tistel Crystal Functions -" Fixed (Tistel is the name of the Tavern, as seen on the signpost).

Neverless Canyons

Speaking with Gabe, he says that he is having an artblock:
"Hmm...? Oh, you mean to get my INSPERATION back?"
I think it was meant for him to say INSPIRATION.

Baltera Village

The Stranded Sailor between the bar and a house says:
"If King Caldor the 2nd ONLY COULD send troops here, we wouldn't need to depend on ships..."
The sentence implies a condition based on the fact that the only thing that the king can do is send troops.
Perhaps what he meant to say was that they need ships because the king has NOT sent troops, and not because of his ability to do so (or the lack of such ability).
If the order of the adverb and the verb is inverted it would express just that:
"If king Caldor the 2nd COULD ONLY send troops..." Fixed.

When entering Murdock's house, Zhu'Yen says:
"This stallion...certainly HAVE an interesting home"
HAVE is a conjugation of the verb that does not agree with 3rd singular grammatical pony, and since it is refering to such a grammatical pony, the proper conjugation of the verb to used should be HAS:
"This stallion...certainly HAS an interesting home"

Lazy Kitten (Irene's cat and part of Mailman Quest) says, "Almost only thugs and criminals lives there..." live

Murdock says, "In a short term, yes." This should be, "In a way, yes."

Fisherman with Gnoll trading card says, "Wow, someone had to pay a lot of 'Gold' to see her 'portrait' Queen Opala like that!" Gold should be gold and portrait should be portray. Hence, "Wow, someone had to pay a lot of gold to see her portray Queen Opala like that!"

Milana in tavern says, "If it weren't for all the fishes..." This should be, "If it weren't for all the fish..."

Elderly Woman outside Murdoch's house says, "...calmer when that crazy alchemist were away..." Could be, "...crazy alchemist was gone." Or "...crazy alchemist wasn't here."
If Murdock has joined party, she says, "...peace and quiet for a while now." This should be, "...peace and quiet now."

Housewife says, "Dear lord, a visitor arriving on foot....." Lord

Offended housewife says, "...He wanted to give my husband a Emerald Tussian." "...give my husband an Emerald Tussian."

Gordo's Farm

Gordo, "Remember those pig stealing thieves you helped me get rid off before?" of
Gordo, "Oh yes, most bandits aren't very clever and enjoys putting fear in those they bully." enjoy

Duchess Mansion

The Snobby Butler says:
It should have been:

Velveeta says, "I'd like you to pick up right where he left." This should be, "...right where he left off."

After returning to Duchess V with the Artifact of Life, she says, "I want you to visit to the Grand Aideen graveyard..." The sentence should read, "I want you to visit the Grand Aideen graveyard..."

D.V. continues and says, "But let us not 'dwelve' into that, young Duke." Since D.V. has all but tied the hero to her crime and implies his guilt by association for taking on the quest, dwelve should be replaced either with the word, delve, or dwell and not a combination of the two words. IF D.V wants to lighten the mood for the hero, then she should say, "But let us not dwell upon that, young Duke." IF D.V. wants the hero to move beyond her implied threat, then she should say, "But let us not delve into that, young Duke."

D.V. continues and says, "Look among the tombstone for the name Legacus on it to find what we need." Since Legacus isn't the only one buried in the Grand Aideen cemetary, even if he does have the biggest tombstone, D.V. should have said, "Look among the tombstones for the one with the name Legacus on it to find what we need." OR "Look among the tombstones until you find the one marked Legacus. Once you locate his tombstone, you should be able to find what we need."

AFTER cleaning Duchess Velveeta's clock along with her undead pets, she accidentally ends up in the zombie cage and says, "Uuugh, get your rotten hands off me! Undead, I demand you to follow my command!" Since her zombies are already violating her command by grabbing her and are probably not interested in what she has to say anymore, perhaps D.V. should try to tell her soon to be zombie lovers, "Undead, I demand you release me at once." Or "Undead, I demand that you obey my commands and release me immediately." Or "Undead, I order you to obey me (and release me)." Or "Undead, I command you to release me."

Frontier Aqueduct (inside)

Hero, "But to be on the safe side..clear out any Golems..." golems

Hero, "It wasn't easy, but...floodgate never opened." floodgates

Hero, "It may be a trap...only course of action we have to go on." This should be, "...only course of action to take." Or "...only course of action we have left."

Iliona says, "Attacking Grand Aideen and...were only the beginning." This should be, "Attacking Grand Aideen and...was only the beginning." Fixed.
Hero says, "Well then, let us find Castle Conquest." He should have said, "Well then, let us head to Castle Conquest."

Grand Aideen

When Zhu'Yen meets his son in the church he says:
"These are all my is me who ARE with them."
In this case, since he is refering to himself as the one who belongs, he should do so in singular:
Zhu'Yen: " is me who IS with them." (Although it doesn't sound right for some reason...)
(I would suggest " is I who is with them.")

Gin'Yen says, " protect everyone in your team." on

Hero says to Gin'Yen in church after he joins party, "Then I should introduce the party for you...." This should be, "Then I should introduce the party to you..."
Then hero says, "Yeah, we should ask around if someone else might've spotted the cloaked man." Since hero hopes that someone else in town might have information on the kidnapper, he should have said, "Yeah, we should ask around to see if someone else...."

Milana says, "...we won't make much progress from standing around here." This should be, "...much progress by just standing around." Or "...we won't make any progress if we just stand around."

Meeting Layla outside of church, she says, "I'm here to give you a short message, the King of Namaria is wishing to see you." Since the King probably didn't opine in his chambers that he wished to see the hero and hoped someone would seek him out, Layla should have said, "...the King of Namaria wishes to see you."
Layla then says, "I suggest you ask the King himself." Since Layla doesn't know why the King wants to see hero, she can't tell him why the King wants to see him. So she should have said, "I suggest you ask the King yourself." i.e. You ask the King, because I don't know why he wants to see you....

King Caldor says, "I would like nothing more than help the people of...." Since the King wants to help the people of his kingdom, he should have said, "I would like nothing more than to help the people of...."
King Caldor then says, "I believe they're heading the very northwest corners of Namaria." While Namaria has four directional corners, the northwest corner is singular so it should be, " the very northwest corner of Namaria."

Getting ready to head out after initial meeting with the King, the hero says, "We have to pass Northern Gate to reach Mount Dreadclaw...." This should be, "We have to pass the Northern Gate...."

Layla says, "In order to reach...first pass Northern Gate on our way." This should be, "...first pass through the Northern Gate to get there."

Gin'Yen in tavern says, "...yet I haven't been in his tavern many times before." This should be, "...haven't been in this tavern too many times ." Or "...haven't been in this tavern too often."

Desperate Housewife says, "*Pouts lips* I could really use a real man...I have nothing to do after my son moved out." In the first part of the sentence, the poor woman seems to be speaking ill of her husband since hero finds her at night trying to get a job at the bordello to show her husband how pathetic he is. But the second part of the sentence seems to have her telling the hero that she and her son played together before he moved out and now she's too horny to do anything but make passes at any hero type that takes the time to stop and talk to her. Perhaps the second part of this woman's statement should make it clear that she either really misses her son OR she's bored out of her mind. Hence, it could read, "...I am so lonely ever SINCE my son moved out." OR "...I'm so bored now that my son has moved out."

Hero speaks to Beggar first time and says, "Here, take these 100 Gold..." Should be gold.
Beggar speaks to hero after he helped him earlier and says, "T-Thank you kindly for all that 'Gold' you gave me, I'm going to use it for something really special." Should just be, gold.

Insane Nun in church says, "P-Please 'Gods', help my frail and twisted mind...." God would be properly capitalized since it's a formal pronoun and title, but gods would not be since gods represent no formal singular deity, so even though she's a naughty and insane nun, she should have told hero, "P-Please God (or) gods, help my frail and twisted mind..." Also, it should be considered that since this takes place in a Namarian church and NOT in Egypt with its myriad of gods, even a fun nun like this one still seems to have enough of her soul left to make the distinction between God and gods. Not a bug.

After resetting Grand Aideen with a visit to Thebes and then returning to the newly refurbished city, one of two Royal Soldiers just past the hide and seek brats says to hero, "The victory has made the army more 'vigilante' against threats, both inside and outside the walls." Vigilante is misplaced here since the word refers to someone that takes the law into their own hands. In this sentence, the correct word should be, vigilant.

Peaceful Lady says after the carnage and subsequent Thebes reset, "With the city restored, it's hard to tell Grand Aideen were almost in ruins just some time ago." Grand Aideen is singular so the proper past tense verb to be used in conjunction with it is was, not were. This sentence could or should read, "'s hard to tell that Grand Aideen was (almost) in ruins just some time ago." OR "'s hard to tell that Grand Aideen was (almost) in ruins just a short time ago."

Shy Boy (with cat in lower western far left Grand Aideen) says, "U-Umm...My mom have told me I shouldn't talk to strangers, and you look kinda scary..." The sentence should read, "U-Umm, My mom told me I shouldn't talk to...."

Worried Woman (lost her daughter at the market) says after returning her daughter to her with your ex-pet, "We should get on moving now, but thanks again." It should read, "We should get moving now, but thanks again."

Woman outside of school house (part of Mailman Quest)
Hero says, "I'm supposed to deliver a letter to somewhere who lives here..." someone

Merchant's Law Quest.
Meeting the Royal Guard with the seemingly small pride in King Caldor's castle, he says, "She 'earn' a living letting her dog breed with others since he was such a fine specimen." Since the dog breeding turned loving lady used to breed her dog with other dogs, the soldier should be telling the hero that she used to earn a living or earned a living, since she can't earn a living now that she's become her dog's full-time human love slave.

The guard then continues and says, "And sure, those pills worked like a charm and his manhood grew almost three times the size." The guard wants to impress upon the hero the potency of the BIG DICK pill he wants by referring to what it did to the doggy dick, but dogs don't have manhoods, they have dog cocks or perhaps, 'canine Prides', and it needs to be tied to 'three times the size.' So, this sentence could be altered to read, "And sure, those pills worked like a charm and her dog's pride grew almost three times its normal size, permanently."

Speaking to the Big Dick Pill Merchant after getting this quest, the merchant says, "Who told you that...? I've been closed for a long time by now." This should just read, "...I've been closed for a long time." OR "...I've been closed for a long time now."

After getting the dog loving woman to drop the charges against the dick merchant, he then says, "And thanks to you, I'll be opening up my shop." Since his shop had already been open, and was then forced to shut down, the dick merchant should be saying, "And thanks to you, I'll be opening up my shop again." OR "And thanks to you, I'll be able to open up my shop again."

And finally, returning to the Royal Guard with the magical big dick growth pill, guard says, “I didn’t ‘knew’ it’d work this well." It should be "I didn't know it'd work this well".

Then the guard says before bolting, "O-Oh man, I gotta get the hell out of here before my superior 'see' me like this." See should be, "sees" so the sentence should read, "O-Oh man, I gotta get the hell out of here before my superior sees me like this," IF the guard has more than one superior, then it should be "...before my superiors see me like this."

Grand Aideen Cemetary
Hero says, "Hmm, can't see to find anything around him..." This is a typo and the word should be seem, not see. So, the sentence should read, "Hmm, can't seem to find anything around him..."

After arriving from Neverus Tribe layover...

Hero says, "You're right, let's get rid of these Golems!" golems

King Caldor then says, "T-The Namarian Forces will...the threat we're having in Grand Aideen." This should be, "...the threat we're facing in..."

Layla says, "Thank the Gods...." gods Not a bug.

Gin'Yen says, "If the floodgate in Frontier Aqueduct is opened...." Because it seems that the Frontier Aqueduct is more like a dam, it would stand to reason that it has more than just one floodgate. So, this should be, "If the floodgates of Frontier Aqueduct are opened..."

Hero says, "...hope we won't reach Frontier Aqueduct too late as well..." This should be, "...hope we won't reach the Frontier Aqueduct before it is too late..."


Latex says, "And the first place you looked for me were in the local bordello, huh? 'Were' should be 'was'.
Latex continues and says, "I do enjoy a good brothel though, that scent and moanings really gets me going." Perhaps this could read, "...the scent(s) and moaning..."; or "...these scents and all the moaning..."; or "...that scent and the lustful moans really get me going."
Latex also says, "They're willing to pay me a handsome sum of 'Gold' if I started working here." Gold should be lowercase, gold. Since Latex is telling hero that the Bordello has just offered her the job even though she wasn't applying for one, the sentence should read "They're willing to pay me a handsome sum of gold if I start working here."
Latex finally says, "They don't have enough 'Gold' in the world to hire my assets to their cause." Again, this should be, gold.

Bordello Bouncer at door says, "Do you wish to enter? The entry fee is 500 Gold for each visit." gold
One of the two Bordello Bouncers out front says, "You better have a lot of 'Gold' or your stay here will be a short one." Again, Gold should not be capitalized since it isn't a pronoun. It should just simply be lower case, gold.

Madam Sonya says, "You see, we use to spice things up..." Since this is in past tense, she should have said, "You see, we used to spice things up..."
M. Sonya then says, "As I was saying, we use to spice things up...." Should be, "...we used to spice things up..."

Monster Pimp Quest:

M. Sonya says, "...If you can recruite six different female monsters...." recruit

Aero Mistress says, "Does your words have a deeper meaning...?" Do


Murdock in tavern says, " the roads doesn't flood with how much it rains." don't

Milana in tavern says, "'s something soothing about it." there's Fixed.

Layla in tavern says, "...with how far off the main road the village is located." This could be, "...not with how far the village is from off the main road." Or "...not with how far this village is from the main road."

Iliona in the item shop, hero says, "Right, we never got to introduce each other." Hero should have said, "Right, we never got to introduce ourselves to each other."

Finding the first group of scared villagers in the western cave, Cheerful Female says, "Praise the lord, we've been rescued." This should be, "Praise the Lord, we've been rescued."
In the same group, the Elder Man says, "You have our deepest gratitude, please be safe and may the lord protect you!" He should have said, "...please be safe and may the Lord protect you!"

In eastern cave, hero says after beating the bad monsters, "Is everyone safe?" Since hero and his friends just defeated the monsters, he should have said, "Is everyone okay?"
Retired Blacksmith says after hero tells him about the other group of found villagers, "So those who escaped are all right! Thank the lord for that!" He should say, "....Thank the Lord for that!"

Muscular Man at edge of village near forest says, "...until the soldiers we requested arrives." arrive Fixed.

Flirting Girl says, "Do you train much to keep that body in such a good size and shape...?" This should be, "...keep that body of yours in such good shape...?"

Dreadclaw Mountain

After Valencio's and Seth conversation about the artifacts, Latex and Farah get into an argument about their breast size, and when the main character says:
"We'll can carry on this conversation..."
WILL or CAN may be used after the subject in this sentence, but only one of them should be used. In other words:
"We CAN carry on this conversation..." OR "We'LL carry on this conversation...". Fixed.

Murdock says, "Hasn't changed one bit since last time I saw it." This should be, "Hasn't changed one bit since the last time I saw it."
"Well, besides that rock over there has moved a few inches..." This should be, "Well, that rock over there has moved..." Or "Well, besides that rock over there that has moved a few inches..."

Layla says, "...surely your officers too pledge an oath to defend his land from all harm?" This should be, "...surely your officers too pledge an oath to defend the/their land from all harm?"

Valencio says, "...Hmph, admiring attitude." admirable Fixed.

Milana says, "So what...? Only means it's worth a fortune, but we weren't looking for Gold in the first place." Gold should be gold.

Farah says, "Thank the Gods, we were so worried about your health after you passed out." Gods should be gods.

Murdock says, "...into nothing more than an bottomless canyon." a
"It also swallowed the Neverus Tribes lands..." Tribe's
"...great foe to the Namaria Kingdom..." of

Hero says, "...we should not forget Opala is very important." This should be, "...we should not forget that Opala is very important."
"...we should pay attention for any information about our friend." This should be, "...we should pay close attention to any information we can find/get about our friend." Or "...we should pay attention to any information we can find/get about our friend."

Latex says, "Getting to Frozen Continent will probably cost us since we need to get a ship." This should be, "Getting to the Frozen Continent will probably...."

Taking trip to Thebes....
Milana says, "You'd be surprised how gentle people can get when they have a gun barrel pressed at their face." This should be, "You'd be surprised how gentle people can be when they have the barrel of a gun pointed at their face."

Lilith says, "I'm just not used to travel between realms and dimensions on casual days...." traveling

Dreadclaw Pass

Upon first meeting Latex in cave, hero says, "Actually, I was thinking if they're about the same size as Farah or not." This should read, "Actually, I was wondering if they're about the same size as Farah's or not." Since hero has been busted ogling Latex' boobies, he probably wasn't thinking at all and even if he was, he probably didn't think her boobs were as big as Farah, but maybe they were as big as Farah's boobs.
Latex decides to join up and says, "Very well, you got yourself a deal. But if there is Gold to be made, we share the profits." Gold should be gold.

Royal Knight says, "...make sure no monster hordes spreads further south." spread Fixed.

Royal Solder says, "What did I do to deserve guard duties in this god forsaken place..." This should be, "What did I do to deserve guard duty in this God forsaken place...?" Fixed.

Tel Ravida

In the center of the town, on the north-wester part, 2 nobles are talking:
"I can't THEY believe they refused to accept..."
The first THEY should be removed Fixed.

Running into Gabrielle, hero says, "I'll say, what have brought you to Tel Ravida?" This should be, "I'll say, what has brought you to Tel Ravida?"
Gabrielle says, "...I though it'd be my duty, no, my calling to be at service!" This should be, " calling to be of service!"
Gabrielle then says, "Why, I'm sure I could easily get 100G for just letting people grope my boobs!" This should be, "...100 gold for just letting..." and since there are no females in the town, only male people, she should say, "...letting guys grope my boobs."
Again, Gabrielle says, "Okay, how about 10G for boob grabbing and 100G for feeling me up underneath my clothes?" 10G should be 10 gold and 100G should be 100 gold.

Gin'Yen in tavern says, "...would be a bit more busy and crowded than this." This should be, "...would be a bit busier and more crowded than this."

Waiter says, "...please approach the bartender with your inquirement." inquiry

Muscular Sailor standing guard at the ship says, "If you're here to rent a ship, I'd advice you to turn back..." Should be advise Fixed.

Captain Durrow in tavern says, "I was getting bored at this place anyways...." This should be, "I was getting bored of this place..." Or "I was getting bored with this place..." Fixed.

Lazy Man in Inn says, "...I'll sell it to you for only 6.500G!" 6,500 gold

Captain Durrow's ship

Lilith says, "Such few people from Namaria has..." This should be, "So few people from Namaria have..." Fixed.

Layla says, "...we lost a soldier to the chilling air." This should be, "...we lost a soldier due to the bitter cold."

Captain Durrow says, "Didn't you look straight into its eyes and saw all the death and carnage?" This should be, "...into its eyes and see all the..." Fixed.

Post-Bastorahl fight in tavern....

Milana says, "Indeed we do, who could've be of Neverus Tribe!" This should be, " be of the Neverus Tribe!"

Farah says, "I'm very proud...saying anything else is considered an insult." Farah is right to be proud of her breasts and so should have said, " say anything else would be an insult to them and me." Or "...saying anything else would be an insult to them and me or me and them."

Opala says, "...everyone in such high spirits and good mood." This should be, " see everyone in such high spirits and a good mood.

Iliona says, "If I remember correctly...grand portal that took Opala and Farah to Namaria." Since Opala and Farah accidentally found the portal, this should be, "...grand portal that brought Opala and Farah to Namaria."
"Mount of attention of the Shadow Spikes." This should be, "Mount of attention because of the Shadow Spikes." Or "Mount of Shadow Spike attention." Or "Mount Dreadclaw...focus of Shadow Spike attention." Or "Mount of Shadow Spike activity."

Murdock says, "...find the grand portal that took Opala and Farah to Namaria." This should be, "...grand portal that brought Opala and...."
"Mount of attention of the Shadow Spikes." This should be, "Mount of attention because of the Shadow Spikes." Or "Mount of Shadow Spike attention." Or "Mount Dreadclaw...focus of Shadow Spike attention." Or "Mount of Shadow Spike activity."

Osira, "Uuugh, to think I even consider it..." This should be, "Uuugh, to think I'd even consider it..."
"I owe hero for having him save me from..." This should be, "I owe hero for saving me from..."

Blackeagle Fortress

Hero says, "Nice crystal ball, though it doesn't seem to be anything magical or special about it." This should be, "...though it doesn't seem to be magical or special."

Rughart says, "So when is that piece of junk finished?" This should be, "So when is that piece of junk going to be finished?"

Lord Kross says, "Their fear for bandit raids...and Shadow Spikes have done wonders to my vault." This should be, "Their fear of bandit raids...and Shadow Spikes has done wonders for my vault."
"...dumb thugs gets some funny ideas and tries to steal it for themselves." This should be, "...dumb thugs get any funny ideas and try to steal it." Fixed.

Lilith says, "Umm, 'doesn't' bad guys usually guard their crap?" This should be, 'don't'. Fixed.

Milana says, "...and it only lead us to this ambush!" This should be, "...and it only led us into this ambush!"


Milana in tavern says, "Phew, thank the lord these drinks does a good job..." This should be, "Phew, thank the Lord these drinks do a good job..."

Furious Man just outside of Scholar building says, "He is driving everyone is Shaabera insane!" Should be, "He is driving everyone in Shabeera insane!"
"He creeps out everyone and our children doesn't even dare to go near his house." Should be, "...our children don't even dare..."

Gabrielle says, "True, he isn't human...but he has some rather fascinating ideas on how to earn tons of Gold!" gold
"Yeah I know, that is how we meet." " we met."
Hero, "So what kind of business is you and this Gnoll starting together?" Should be, " are you and this Gnoll..."

Troubled Goat says, "Yes, I'm in a quite the delicate position." Should be either, "Yes, I'm in a quite delicate position." OR "Yes, I'm in quite the delicate position."

Queen of Shaabera, "Then be on your way, and may the Gods watch...." gods Not a bug.

Temple of Sun

Hero says, "You are the type who only look after yourself and don't care about anyone...!" This should be, "You are the type of person who only cares about yourself and no one else...!"

Osira says, "Don't you dare talk like you know me...!" This should be, "Don't you dare talk to me as if you know me...!"
"Not even the Gods themselves will be a match." gods

Iliona, "Because none from the Neverus Tribe survived the battle at Hills of Sanctus." Should be, "...survived the battle at the Hills of Sanctus."

Gabe's house...

Gabe says, "Haha ha! Dear lord, no!" Lord
"Really? It'd be at least 5,000 Gold." gold

Hero says, "...more to your story than being groped...?" This should be, "...more to your story other than being groped...?"

Gabe says, "Sadly...once I reached the human civilization." This should be, "Sadly,...once I reached human civilization."

Gabe says, "...the feeling she is about to pounce me any second..." This should be, "...the feeling she is about to pounce on me any second..."

Guild of Heros

Signup-Lady says, "You only need to pay once for the fee..." This should be, "You only need to pay the fee once..."
"That would be 10.000 Gold!" 10,000 gold

Hero says, "I'll have to think about it for a while, 10.000 Gold is seriously a lot of money!" This should be, "I'll have to think about it, 10,000 gold is a serious amount of money." Or "I'll have to think about it, 10,000 gold is a lot of money."

Signup-Lady says, "As I mentioned before, the fee is 10.000 Gold!" 10,000 gold.
"It's the Keeper's work to save records of all the accomplishments you've done in the world!" This should be, "It's the Keeper's job to save the records of all your worldly accomplishments!"


Angry Gnome says, "Mining operations are at a complete stop until those giants ahead decides to leave us alone." decide

Guarding Bandit says, "They don't even share their works with humans..." This should be, "They don't even share their mined goods with humans..."

Latex in tavern says, "...I smothered an Mischief to death..." a

Iliona outside of blacksmith shop says, "...lame attempt of a joke...." This could be, "...lame joke..." Or "...lame attempt at a joke..." Fixed.
Hero says, " this village seems either..." seem Fixed.
Iliona says, "...stay here for much longer..." This should be, "...stay here much longer..."


Treasure Hunter says, "But one day as I was exploring Shiva Path..." This should be, "But one day as I was exploring the Shiva Path..."
Hero says, "...your life and risk to letting your daughter grow up...." This should be, "...your life and risk having your daughter grow up..."

Veteran Blacksmith says, "These lumbs are found at the very core..." lumps
"I'll also have to charge you 5.000 Gold..." 5,000 gold

Nabonaga's Lair

Nabonaga says, "If man weren't greedy enough to begin using..." This should be, "If men/mankind were so greedy to begin using....

Milana says, "Have they hurt you? I swear to the Gods..." gods Not a bug.

Layla says, "...they keep spawning more in a rate we can't keep up with!" This should be, "...they keep spawning at a rate we can't keep us with!"

Murdock says, "By the Gods, he plans to annihilate humanity!" gods Not a bug.

Hero says, "...we'll have better chances if we work together." This should be, "...we'll have a better chance if we work together." Or "...we'll stand a better chance if we work together."

Athrosa ghost town

Hero says, "It's like everyone living here are ghosts...but no voices are heard." This should be, "It's like everyone here are ghosts...but I can't hear their voices." Or, "It's like everyone here is a ghost...but I can't hear what they're saying."

Hero says, "Last thing I remember we're fighting Altum..." This should be, "The last thing I remember was fighting Altum..."

Neverus Tribe

Hero says, "No, I'm just glad to see you're all right." Since hero is only speaking to one person, he should have said, "No, I'm just glad to see you're alright." But see also for discussion.

Cassandra says, "But don't...your friends are awaiting you." This should be, "...your friends are waiting for you."

Young Neverus says, "They said I would've became a monster..." This should be, "...would've become a monster..."

Opala says, "I know everything will be all right, as long you're with us." This should be, " long as you're with us."

Kodoh says, "Not at this time, but thanks for the offering." Should be, "...but thanks for offering."

Cassandra then says, "Now when Bastorahl has one of...." Since he already does have one, she should have said, "Now that Bastorahl has one of the..."
"The main force...magic-powered Golems." golems
"There are not many...are stationed on unfortunate locations." This should be, "...are stationed in unfortunate locations."
"...they were placed at locations of authority..." This should be, "...they were placed in locations of authority...."
"The capital of Namaria and the King is in grave danger..." Since both are in grave danger, it should read, "The capital of Namria and the King are both in grave danger..."
"The Golems are fearful foes..." golems
"I've taught...harm to the Golems." golems

Hero says, "We're heading...about these Golems." golems

Castle Conquest

Hero says, "Your plot to floodgate..." floodgates

Farah says, "A-Are you all right...!?" alright

Iliona says, "A hollow threat..who no longer have the means to rule." " longer has the means to rule." Fixed.

Hero, "Thank the Gods, we made it!" gods Not a bug.

Hero, "There is no point to worry in vain, we'll deal with any situation if it comes to it." This should be, "There is no point in worrying, we'll deal with any situation that comes our way." Or "There is no need to worry, we'll deal with whatever comes our way."

Hero, "Yes! There is plenty of reasons to celebrate!" are Fixed

Cutscene after Bastorahl is gone...

Neena, "Does that mean the Blade of...are in their unworthy hands?" is Fixed.
Lord Kross, "But it doesn't matter anymore, that Bastorahl have betrayed us all...!" has Fixed.

Farah Love talks

1st talk with Farah, she says, "...most of us are sensitive with how we look." about
"...quite soft by the touch." This should simply be, "...quite soft."

2nd talk with Farah, she says, "I was raped and impregnated by a Octobreeder..." Should be, "I was raped and impregnated by an Octobreeder..."

3rd chat with Farah, "Unless it's too hot, of course. Then I'll just let my servants do it." I
Hero says, "What I wouldn't do to be in such a spring with you...!" give

4th chat, hero says, "...I'm sure even the Gods themselves wished you were their wife." gods Not a bug.

5th chat, Farah says, " body has prevented more wars than any army every could." ever Voice actress also uses the word, 'ever', not every Fixed.
"...and Opala following the years after." This should be, "...and then Opala a few years later." (I believe this dialogue is part of the 5th tavern talk with Farah)

6th chat, Farah says,"I was busty already before...made my breasts swell." This should be, "I was already busty before...made my breasts larger/grow."
"But it's also normal for the chest to shrink back to normal...." This should be, "But it's also normal for a woman's breasts to shrink back to normal..."
"...for years later when I no longer had milk, my breasts never shrinked." This should be, "...because years later when I no longer had any breast milk, my breasts never shrank back to normal.
"...breastfeeding those poor beings to full health." animals or creatures
"It really isn't unnatural too, there are several towns...." either

7th chat, Farah says, "...Kingdom of Namaria is so different than Egypt." For some reason, it seems that Farah means to say that Namaria isn't all that different from Egypt, but if she actually means that it is, then perhaps she should say, "...Kingdom of Namaria is so different from Egypt." Or "...Kingdom of Namaria is very different from Egypt." (However, because she occasionally compares Shaabera with Egypt's climate and scenery, perhaps she might have meant to say, "...Kingdom of Namaria is not so different from Egypt.")
"Only a selected few know the truth..." select
"But the Gods must...thus being their will." this
"Opala is only happy to...." very
"This truly is a blessing of the Gods...." gods Not a bug.
"He seems so happy...I'm glad he didn't believe to be a human." think he was
Hero says, "....that much closer to your Gods." gods Not a bug.

8th chat, Farah says, " breasts feel awful squished together..." awfully Voice actress also says, 'awfully', no awful. Fixed.
"To think my top would just suddenly...while I'm walking a crowded street." This should be, "To think my top could just suddenly...while I'm walking down a crowded street."
"Eyes looking over my large...with no where to hide them..." This should be, "Eyes looking at my large...with no way to hide them..."
Hero says, "...such a big deal out of their breasts, but it comes natural for you." Perhaps this should be, "...such a big deal about her breasts, but it seems natural to you."
Farah says, "...hide what the Gods have blessed my body with." This should be, "...hide what the Gods have blessed me with."
"In my age...glare over your body with lust and desire." This should be, "At my age...glare at your body with lust and desire."

9th chat, Farah says, "My punishment was to become chained up..." get Fixed.
" my heart from the time as a belly dancer." my Fixed.
"...from just thinking of it!" about
"We egyptians worship our Gods..." This should be, "We Egyptians worship our Gods..."
Hero says, "And with such a beauty...?" This should be, "And with such beauty...?" Or "And with such a beautiful woman...?"

Opala Love talks

1st chat with Opala, hero says, "You approve of my way to care and love for my people?" This could or should be, "You approve of my way to care for and love my people?" Or, "...of the way I love and care for my people?"
Hero, "I'd gladly serve a Queen like yourself, Opala." Perhaps this should be, "I'd gladly serve a Queen like you, Opala." OR "I'd gladly serve a Queen such as yourself, Opala."

2nd chat with Opala, she says, "...I hope that doesn't seem too strange for you." Voice actress says, "...I hope that doesn't seem strange to you." The spoken dialogue corrects the grammar problem with the written dialogue.
Hero says, "...How do you control him when angered?" This should be, "...How do you control him if/when he gets angry?"

3rd chat with Opala, she says, "The annual sacred ritual of the Gods." Gods should be gods. Not a bug.
"It's our way to ask the Gods to bless our lands..." Should be, "It's our way to ask the gods to bless our lands..." Not a bug.
"It's the highest of honors when the Gods themselves appear...." gods Not a bug.
Hero, "So you have mated, with a real God..." god Not a bug.
Opala, "Oh Anubis is only one of many Egyptian Gods." gods Not a bug
"...but that is only the trials of the Gods." Should be, "...but that is just the trials of the gods." Not a bug.

5th chat with Opala, she says, "...but I've lost count how many Farah have managed." This should be, "...but I've lost count of how many Farah has managed."

Osira Love Talks

1st chat, Osira says, "Once there....used to worship the Gods." gods Not a bug.
"I was soul to the Serpent God." god Not a bug.

2nd chat, Osira says, "...why need friends to remain strong?" This should be, "...why do you need friends to be strong?"

3rd chat, Osira says, "The scars on my cheek is..." are
"...until I see it fit to end our relationship." This should be, "...until I see fit to end..."

4th chat, Osira says, "...far more superior to any human in every way!" This should be, "...far superior to any human in every way!"
" powers after being depleted!" This should be, " powers after they've been depleted!"
"Well, the process do have it's advantages." does

Final chat (in version 1.02), Osira says, "It was a long time ago I lived with my family...." This should be, "It was a long time ago when I still lived with my family...."
"Farah always gave me lectures and advices..." advice Fixed.
"...It made him act ashamed..." feel
"If I had successfully got rid of Opala...." gotten Fixed.


Royal Guard says, "We'll gather the men and silently take out key positions throughout the city." Since the guard is talking about setting up key positions, he should have said, "...and silently take up key positions..."
Guard says, "I'm afraid not, it's like the Gods themselves..." gods Not a bug.

Hero says, "And I don't mean that as a bad thing." Since hero is not implying that Opala acted badly, he should have said, "And I don't mean that in a bad way."

Opala says, "...don't want your troops to drop morale or have the people becoming worried." This should be, "...don't want your troops to lose morale or worry the people."

Hero, "The resistance must be awaiting us." This should be, "The resistance is waiting for us."

Gath'D says, "Seth's soldier seized paying attention to the..." It should be, "Seth's soldiers ceased paying attention to the..." Fixed.

Later in the same dialogue, Gath'D says, "It'll be open by the time you reach it, but prepear yourself for anything to come." This should read, "It'll be open..., but prepare yourself for..." In addition, the line could also read, "..., but prepare yourself for anything." OR "..., but prepare yourself for anything to come your way/at you." Fixed.

Also in the same dialogue, Gath'D says, "Once you'll be too late to turn back again." This statement should end with the word, 'back'.

And one more Gath'D dialogue, "Our first priority was creating an access into the palace since a frontal assault would be too risky." This could be written, "Our first priority was creating access to the palace..." OR "Our first priority was creating an access point into the palace...."

Traveler in weapon shop says, "In these dangerous times, you can't carry too much weapons on you." This should be, "...too many weapons on you." Fixed.

Male Civilian says, "...So yeah, it took her weeks to realise..." realize

Hero says, "I can probably break it down...Gunpowder..." gunpowder

Opala Scene

"Then all of the sudden, the minotaur hilted his entire length down the sex slave's throat whilst tightly pressing her face against his crotch."
The correct idiom is "all of a sudden". Fixed.

Training Scenes

There's a few typos and grammar problems with more than a few scenes. I'll list the ones I found and edited according to each trainee. First up is Farah:
Farah appear (appears) to already be used with (to) taking on huge horsecocks up her tight little ass!
Farah appears to quickly become used with (be used to) taking on huge horsecocks up her tight little pussy!
Farah already enjoys bobbing her head (mouth) back and forth along (upon) the thick horsecocks she is offered!
Farah's lips (mouth) drools as she have (has) to focus at (on) only using her hands to please the hung horsecocks!
Farah quite enjoy (enjoys) using both her hands to jerk away at those long bull cocks!
Farah can't help but lick her lips as she work (works) her hands along those hung dog cocks!
Farah greatly enjoy (enjoys) feeling those hot dog cocks throbbing and pulsing between her feet!
The horse is very pleased! Farah pumped that fat horsecock to orgasm with her feet like if her life depended on it!
Farah is getting quite good with (at) pleasing men with only her bare feet!
Farah gave an excellent performance and handled all the men like she've (she's) done nothing else in her life!
Farah has learned a few tricks that allows (allow) her to rather quickly handjob those bulls to orgasm!
Farah easily makes the dogs spray their cum all over her hands as she firmly pump (pumps) those cocks!
The customer is very pleased! Farah performed excellent and handled all the men like she've (she's) done nothing else in her life!
Farah's massive tits are enough just to feel (experience) for men to orgasm in pleasure!
Farah simply love (loves) feeling thick dog cocks between her breasts as she bounces them along those pulsing sizes and knots!
Farah (Farah's) tight cleavage and squeezed tits makes dogs howl as they cum hard every time she bounces her breasts up and down!
Farah handled that pack of hounds as if laying back and spreading her legs for dogs is (was) second nature (to her)!
Feeling fat bull cock between her large breasts makes Farah moan with pleasure as she titfuck (titfucks) them to orgasm!
Opala show (shows) a great deal of talent with how easily she takes on bull cock up her tight butt!
Opala quite enjoy (enjoys) using both her hands to jerk away at those long bull cocks!
Opala show (shows) a great deal of talent with how easily she takes on bull cock up her tight pussy!
Opala greatly enjoy (enjoys) feeling those hot dog cocks throbbing and pulsing between her feet!
One of the dogs seems to show interest with (in) fucking Opala's pussy instead.
Opala is so addicted to horse cum she grows wet by simply seeing them cum in the bucket (even) before the salty seed meet (meets) her lips!
Opala has learned a few tricks that allows (allow) her to rather quickly handjob those bulls to orgasm!
Opala easily makes the dogs spray their cum all over her hands as she firmly pump (pumps) those cocks!
Opala works very hard with pumping away at those fat horsecocks with her bare hands!
Opala is getting quite good with (at) pleasing men with only her bare feet!
Opala doesn't have to do much work as she only keeps (has to keep) her tits tightly squeezed together while the dogs roughly humps (hump) her cleavage!
Feeling fat bull cock between her soft breasts makes Opala moan with pleasure as she titfuck (titfucks) them to orgasm!
Opala's soft tits are enough to just feel (experience) for men to orgasm in pleasure!
Opala simply love (loves) feeling thick dog cocks between her breasts as she bounces them along those pulsing sizes and knots!
Opala can't help but moan and drool around thosehung (those hung) horsecocks as she suckles them to climax!
Osira's cum swallowing skills is easily allowing (allow) her to gargle down even the largest loads of Giga Lardo cum!
The Lizardman is very pleased! Osira barely choked or coughed anything (at all) as he banged and (then) climaxed down her throat!
Osira finds herself getting wet by the feeling of those (that) thick Firewolf cock between her feet!
Osira's incredible skills is (are) becoming far more famous among the Giga Lardos as they line up to get a piece of her tight ass!
Osira have (has) to really use both hands to reach around all that Giga Lardo cock as she pumps it!
Osira can't help but giggle slightly as she give (gives) Lizardmen footjobs, it tingles a lot!
Osira licks around her lips and works very hard with jerking her soft breasts along those hung Firewolf cocks!
Osira's growing skills enables (enable) her to easier (easily) jerk off those fat Giga Lardos with her feet!
Osira jerks her feet along those long Lizardmen cocks until they can resist her skills (talented footjob skills) no longer and orgasms (orgasm)!
The Giga Lardo is very pleased! Osira's tight ass gave his huge, fat cock a good milking as he nearly splitted her (split it) in half!
Osira's growing skills have her masturbate and jerk away at those Lizardmen cocks like if she've (she's) done it more times than anyone can count!
Osira's cum swallowing skills shows (show) as she is able to drink Firewolf cum straight from buckets (the bucket)!
Osira's breasts are nearly the right size to please fat Giga Lardo cocks as she titfuck (titfucks) them!
Osira (Osira's) mouth is too small for fat Giga Lardo cock, but somehow she still manage (manages) to give (them) oral sex!
You'd think Osira was paying the Lizardmen the way her curvy hips and ass expertly pump (milks) out their gooey seed!
Osira's incredible skills is (are) becoming far more famous among the Giga Lardos as they line up to get a piece of her tight pussy!
Osira's pussy is becoming used to handle the (handling) fat knots as the Firewolves fucks (fuck) and pumps (pump) her womb full of their gooey cum!
Osira's skilled rump drives men wild as she pumps (it milks) them to orgasm in moments!

Milana and Opala Scene [Western Version]

These are my own personal edits I made to the original dialogue and scene narratives for those that actually read both:) My apologies to the original dialogue and scene writers in case I've given offense...I've crossed out the words that don't belong or fit and added in parenthesis () the words that make the dialogue and scene more sensible to the reader. These scenes are all from the Western Version. I will only make note of dialogue and scene narratives that are exclusive to this version and somewhat different from the Eastern Version.

[The dialogue and scene narrative are identical to the Eastern Version (below), with the exception of the art and this particular scene narrative...]

Moist sex and rump aiming straight up into the air(,) as Milana climbed up and (mounted the Queen's upturned sex facing her directly)turned around to have her back against the highness. [In this scene, Milana is not facing away from Opala, but actually shown facing her, hence my scene narrative edit.]

Milana and Opala Scene [Eastern Version]

These are my own personal edits I made to the original dialogue and scene narratives for those that actually read both ;) My apologies to the original dialogue and scene writers in case I've given offense...I've crossed out the words that don't belong or fit and added in parenthesis () the words that make the dialogue and scene more sensible to the reader. These scenes are all from the Eastern Version.

Still blushing, her highness slowly shut (closed) her eyes and gave out a soft moan (softly moaned) as they began undressing each other.
Milana, sensing she is (was) being watched, broke the kiss and smiled whilst glaring over (at) the audience, sliding (slid) her hands down to the Queen's rump.
Linking (Crossing) her legs together around the gunslinger, her highness embraced her female partner with her inner thighs rubbing against Milana's cheeks.
Suddenly(,) Milana just stopped, licking around her nectar-covered lips before rising up to reach for the small pillow on the bed.
Without words (Silently), the gunslinger smiled and showed the Queen the pillow she grabbed, which was wrapped together into a firm thick size.
Milana, "I know this isn't much...but hey, it's the best I could improvise together (do)!"
Moist sex and rump aiming straight up into the air(,) as Milana climbed up and (reverse mounted the Queen's upturned sex) turned around to have her back against the highness.
She placed the wrapped pillow horizontally between their pussies and started grinding (on) it, covering its furry surface with both their juices.
Together, they moaned out loudly and crossed fingers in each other's hands (interlocked their fingers together), the pillow itself feeling surprisingly smooth but stable.
Opala says, "Ooooh god." God

Slave Outpost scene with Farah [Eastern Version]

Moaning out in pleasure as they nursed on her large breasts and licked her body, Farah resisted the urge to purr in comfort (contentment) at the attention.
Licking her lips, the matriarch slid her hands down to the crotches of those (the) two men closest and dug underneath (inside) their ragged pants.
Feeling their hard cocks, out of sight, the woman smiled and grabbed onto their erected (erect) malehoods, giving them both a firm jerking.
They bapped their cocks against her head and smooth cheeks, inciting (indicating) that they too wanted the sloppy blowjob she (was) performed (performing).
Not before long (Eventually), she slowly opened her eyes and started to roll her wet tongue across the hot cockheads offered to her hungry mouth.
Seeing her pretty lips nurse on two fat cocks (with ease) without having too much trouble really makes (the bulge inside your) your bulging pants all that much harder.
Giving out a delightful gasp, the matriarch watches one of the thugs as he lay down beside her just before she mounts him on all fours.
Gasping in delight, Farah swallowed down the fat load her mouth was blessed with while also feeling how her ass and pussy and (were) being pumped full. of it.
Opala says, "Mom, are you well?" okay
Farah says, "Did that man said he'd buy me for his goat?" say

Farah Inn Scene [Eastern Version]

The matriarch looked like a Goddess (goddess) herself as she laid there in bed, not the least bit bothered by your eyes gazing and lusting over her naked body.
Farah, "Surely this woman doesn't have to tell you...Mmm, just let your young urges guide you." Voice actress says, 'don't' which would be correct if Farah had said, "Surely I don't have to tell you..." otherwise, doesn't is the correct word used in the written dialogue.
You moaned by (at/with/from) her soft touch which made your length throb and pulse with excitement before you leaned over Farah to kiss her lips passionately.
Farah too gasped and murred (purred/murmurred) in delight whilst looking over your strong, young body with a wide smile on her cum soaked lips.
Hero, "By the Gods, you are such an amazing woman." gods

Farah in Bordello Scene [Eastern and Western Version]

Madam Sonya, "Let me first compliment you on your appearance, your body and skin looks very smooth and sexy." It should be, "...both your body and skin look very smooth and sexy."
"Unfortunately, we don't have any open spot for more human girls..." spots
"And it's for one of these Farah have been personally requested." has been
"If we only found you earlier...You could've made a lot of Gold for us and yourself." gold
"Fantastic, then please follow me and I'll summon all of our customers we have!" This should be, "...and I'll summon all the male customers we have!"
A gasp escaped Farah's mouth as (when) all the men had finished jerking themselves off and dumped their load (loads) for the matriarch.
Licking her lips, she moved her drink closer to her lips (mouth) whilst looking over (at) Madam Sonya to be sure she wasn't doing it too fast.
Seeing a discreet and approving nod, the matriarch took it as confirmation and slowly began gulping down all that (the) gooey seed she had.
Madam Sonya, "This is all for today, honored guests!" That

Cutscene upon leaving the Northern Gate to rescue the recently kidnapped Opala [Eastern Version]

Osira wrinkled her nose briefly and grunted discretely with disgust before kneeling down in front of Bastorahl and starting (started) to undo his pants.
As it erected and grew stiff (grew stiff and erect), the wart looking bumps across the length began growing into tiny tentacles wiggling around against the woman's fingers.
Osira hesitated for a short (brief) moment before leaning in closer to wrap her lips around the swollen cockhead, slightly suckling on it.
Suddenly a deep, hair raising noise echoed from Bastorahl before he moved a hand over to grab onto Osira's head and pulled her face over (onto) his cock.
Bastorahl gave out another spine shivering (chilling) noise as his grip on Osira's head and hair tightened and (he) began bouncing her face across (upon) his pride.
The Empress' eyes almost glowed with hate as she averted her gaze for a moment before looking back at Bastarahl (Bastorahl) with a fake, pleasing (pleasant) look on her face.
The Emperor raised a hand and gave the woman just a slight tap against her back (slightly tapped the woman's back).
His huge cock squeezed and slammed in and out of Osira's stretched rump whilst the tiny tentacles massaged and clinged (clung) to her inner walls.

Cutscene after getting the Gloves of Nabonaga at Mount Dreadclaw [Eastern Version]

All the attention made the beast's cock grow harder by the minute as the thick length no longer simply hanged (hung) between his legs anymore.
Shivering in delight, the Minotaur let out a deep roar before smirking down with satisfaction at his (the) well behaiving (behaving) sex slave between his legs.
Opala, "By the Gods...! S-Sooo much creamy goo!" Gods should be gods.

Cutscene after first leaving the Southern Gate [Eastern Version]

Osira, "Ah yes, merely the thought put me in such a good and generous mood." puts
With a wide grin on his broad muzzle, Opala's master pulled in (on) her chains and guided her towards the other two waiting minotaurs.
Then all of the sudden (all of a sudden/suddenly), the minotaur hilted his entire length down the sex slave's throat whilst tightly pressing her face against his crotch.

Cutscene after first leaving the Southern Gate [Western Version]

Osira, "Ah yes, merely the thought put me in such a good and generous mood." puts
"...Opala among yourselves for one last time...?" This should be, "...Opala among yourselves one last time...?"
Murring (Grunting/Murmurring) and snorting among themselves, the beasts simply stood and waited for Opala to do what was expected of her.
Osira, "...eventually coming to love it and beg for more." begging
Then all of the sudden (all of a sudden/suddenly), the minotaur hilted his entire length down the sex slave's throat whilst tightly pressing her face against his crotch.
But before she could speak, her eyes widened in surprise as Osira suddenly leaned down to kiss her sister whilst roughly groping one of her tits.
The two minotaurs fucking the slave with their hung cocks smirked and snorted loudly in excitement from (while) watching the sisters kiss each other.
But the kiss was only brief before Osira broke it, leaving a trail of saliva connected between her and the younger sister's (their) lips.
Raising herself more (up), the Dark Empress moved over to sit on top of Opala's face and wiggled her hips with a pleasured moan.
The beast arched his head back by (from) the mixed feelings and placed a hand on the Dark Empress' head to bob it slightly against his size.
Osira gave out a loud, muffled groan around the cock she was sucking whilst her sex clenched at the slave's exploring tongue.
Climaxing over (upon) her younger sister's face, the Dark Empress panted and grunted with pleasure whilst raising her rump slightly, shaking her hips.
Settling down next to her, the Dark Empress took hold of Opala's jaw and opened her mouth whilst looking over (at) the minotaurs jerking their cocks.
They needed no further hints as they continued to jerk themselves off harder and faster before all three of them cummed together (climaxed explosively) with loud roars.

Cutscene after leaving Tel Ravida on Captain Durrow's ship [Eastern Version]

Osira, "Have you seen Valencio? He almost doesn't seem to be on the ship."
Rughart laughing (laughed) whilst (he) continued to roughly squeeze and grope at the Empress' large tits, moving them around outside (inside) their initial hiding place.
Osira, "Even the lowest hound creatures have cleaner cocks than you, pig." Voice actress says, 'hound-like creatures'.

Drinking contest victory scene with Osira [Eastern Version]

Osira, "Oh, c'mon, you stared at my butt as if it was made out of solid Gold or something." gold
"No wonder both my mother and sister wants to be around you..." want
But then all of the sudden (all of a sudden/suddenly), the sorceress stopped and allowed your huge cock to pop out of her mouth with a trail of drool.

Weaponshop scene with Osira [Eastern Version]

Even forgetting to mention it, you arched your head back with a deep groan (moan) as you cummed (climaxed) hard and flooded her mouth with your gooey seed.
Casting an evil and angered (angry) glare on (at) you, the sorceress wrinkled her nose and grunted whilst wiping some cum off her lips.
The silly grin on your face quickly became more serious as the sorceress casted (cast) a glare at you whist she placed herself on all fours.
Her large breasts squished (flattened) out against the cold ground as you spreaded (spread) your legs to hammer her butt even deeper and harder.

Gabe/Farah Scene [Western Version]

[While both scenes are written nearly the same, the Western Version has three slight changes]

Carefully undoing his pants, she eagerly had her eyes fixed (her eyes) on his crotch whilst letting his clothing drop down unto (to) the floor.
Waving with her hips, Gabe needed more more invitations (invitation) to know what she wanted and quickly moved up in front of (behind) her while flickering his ears.
Thrusting his hips slightly in an attempt to enter the mature woman, Gabe also slided over (used) both of his hands to hold onto her wide hips.

Gabe/Farah Scene [Eastern Version]

Farah's advances were impossible to ignore, and his body didn't need to do much convincing to find her mature body absolutely delicious.
Nibbling playfully on her lower lip, the matriarch slided (slid) a hand down along Gabe's body before digging in underneath (inside) his pants to feel around.
Her eyes widen with fluttered (flushed) cheeks while smiling at the horseman, moaning happily as she groped and stroked his hidden stallionhood.
The mature woman noisily slurped at the tasty meat whilst whirling her tongue around the nearly flat surfice (surface), moaning in delight.
Rocking his hips with the matriarch slurping and suckling around his thick size, Gabe snorts out loudly by (from) the intense feeling.
It's only then (It was only then that) Gabe suddenly realised (realized) something in the heat of the moment and perked his ears straight up amazement.
The fact shocked the horseman as (and) he instantly released his grip of her head, afraid he was choking her with his massive stallionhood.
Turning around, the busty woman moaned softly as she spreaded (spread) her legs wide and slightly raised her rump higher up.
Waving with her hips, Gabe needed no more invitations (invitation) to know what she wanted and quickly moved up in front of (towards) her while flickering his ears. [In this version, Farah is drawn as being on her back instead of standing up and bent over offering her heavenly butt for Gabe's horsecock so some of the scene narration is incorrect]
Thrusting his hips slightly in an attempt to enter the mature woman, Gabe also slided over (used) both of his hands to hold on to her spreaded legs (her legs open).
Farah, "By the Gods, such a big horsecock..." gods
But Gabe didn't plan to go easy on her, he felt compelled to give her all that he had in order to make up for his shortcomings during the oralsex (oral sex).
It didn't take long before even his heavy ballsack was starting to slap against her pussy (butt cheeks), with nearly his whole cock within her body. [Again, this is from Eastern Version where Farah is depicted as being on her back so Gabe's balls can't slap against her pussy, just her butt cheeks]
His heavy ballsack grinded against Farah's pussy (butt) as he flooded her inner walls with his cum, thick wave after wave pumping her full.
Farah, "But 5.000 Gold is still a lot of money, I expect my investment to do so much more..." 5,000 gold

Velveeta Scene [Western Version]

The Duchess gave out a loud scream (screamed loudly) as a zombie kneeled (knelt) down and bent over her to take a bite at one of her exposed breasts.
With no concern about (for) her, the zombies fucked all her holes roughly whilst the remaining zombies just stood on the sides (off to the side) and jerked off at the sight.

Oniquine Scene [Western Version]

Circling around their human foes, it didn't took (take) long before the two Oniquines focused their attention on a frightened Farah.
Taking a few steps back, the bust matriarch walked (backed) into a tree and watched with fear as the demonic stallions moved in closer to her.
Her dress torned (torn) roughly off her body, the matriarch gasped in surprise as her large breasts bounced out from their tight hiding place.
With their horse shaped muzzles, the beasts latched onto the matriarch's heavy breasts and began (to intensely suck) suckling on her fat nipples intensely.
Another moan escaped (from) between her lips as she is reminded of (remembers) all those times she spent in the royal stables back in Egypt.
Before she has (had) time to react further, the demonic stallion forced his thick, bumpy tongue in between her lips and down her throat.
If the beast could, he would surely (have) smirk (smirked) as he pulled his tongue back outside (out) and snorted heavily (deeply), letting the woman cough and catch her breath.
Forced to lower herself to avoid getting stucked (crushed) between them, Farah gasped as she was suddenly faced with their fully erected (erect) cocks.
Their hung, massive cocks did indeed reminded (remind her) of the horses she used to mate (with) not too long ago. At the same time, they were different.
Whilst the shape and length, measured in several feet, were all too familiar with (similar to) a regular horsecock, these were covered in (with) bumps (all over) along the whole size.
Grabbing one (each) huge cock with each hand (both of her hands), she couldn't help but (quietly) moan to herself as she began jerking their fat stallionhoods simultaneously.
The busty woman got the feeling (felt that) it was so wrong, but (that it) also felt so right at the same time to feel (stroke) those thick sizes (cocks) in the palms of (with) her hands.
Her pussy got more soaked (soaking wet) in her own juices (and juicier) with every passing second as she masturbated the hung Oniquines with her gentle (soft) hands.
But as Farah felt (breathed in) the scent of (horse) cock in the air, she could no longer resist her urges and let out a deep moan whilst jerking them faster and faster.
Leaning in closer to one of the stallionhoods, she nuzzled her cheek against it before taking in a deep breath of (deeply inhaling) the strong musky scent.
Farah says, "Mmm, your hot horsecocks smells so nice..." smell
The matriarch nibbled slightly on her lower lip before covering the closest cock with passionated (passionate) kisses whilst making sure she used her tongue.
Her hands kept on jerking the two stallionhoods as her face turned back between them to offer the same amount of kisses and licks to them both (she alternated between both cocks, kissing and licking them both equally).
Her moaning grew louder and more intense as she played (with) and pleased the hung Oniquines the best way she could with (all) her experience.
Kissing, licking, suckling and fondling all turned into a natural performance for the mature matriarch as she lost herself to (in) the moment (pleasure).
But the Oniquines wanted even more from Farah, as one of them showed (demonstrated) by pulling away from her hungry mouth and moved up (getting) behind her instead.
Blushing with a smile, the mature woman moved out from underneath the other demonic stallion and used him as support to lean herself over (against/on).
The Oniquine behind her snorted deeply and loudly stomped with his hooves as he mounted the small woman and thrusted (thrust) his huge cock into her pussy.
Turning (Rolling) her eyes back into her head, Farah rolled out her tongue (Farah's tongue lolled out of her mouth) from the extreme pleasure of being filled with so much fat cock.
And without letting her (before she could) get used to it, the beast mounting her immediately started pounding her tight sex with his oversized stallionhood.
Drooling and screaming from such pleasure, Farah really had to struggle and focus to stay awake and (to stay focused and awake so she could) continue pleasing the second beast.
With each slam from the mounted beast, the busty woman rocked into the demonic stallion she gave (was giving) some intense oral sex (to).
And just when she thought she couldn't take (any) more, the Oniquine behind her snorted deeply and hilted (deeply) inside her blowing his huge load into her body.
And they kept on taking turns fucking her; as soon as one dumped his load inside of her body, the other (one) was already ready for a new (another) round.
Hours after hours (Hour after hour), with no end in sight. And (and) with the defeated party unable to act, there was no rescue in sight for a long time (telling if or when Farah would ever be rescued)....

Giganto Brutus Scene [Eastern Version]

Focusing his attention at (on) the last standing woman, the large monster grunted and approached Farah as she backed away with a frightened look.
But the Giganto Brutus quickly caught up to the busty matriarch and stared over (at) her body whilst drooling.
Leaving her completely naked (and) at his mercy, the Giganto Brutus groaned at the sight and moved over (towards her) to roughly grope at her tits.
Arching her head back and catching her breath, Farah let out a loud yelp as the (huge cock) slam (slammed) into her pussy and stuffed her so much (deeply that) a (the) bulge in her belly hits into her (nearly came up to her) breasts.
Farah's large tits bounced all over her chest by (the place with) his deep and violent thrusts, with the bulge in her belly hitting into the (her) ample mounds from beneath.

Nabonaga Scene [Western Version]

The huge dragon snorted deeply whilst gazing over (at) the puny humans before having (letting) his eyes focus upon the women who didn't fight in the battle.
Nabonaga says, "I do not spare those who raises their blades towards me with the intention to kill..." raise
"I gave them a fair warning..."
Farah says, "...for such a large dragon like yourself....?" you
For as long as Nabonaga could remember in his long life during thousands of years, this was the first time he became (was) confused.
As if they no longer feared him, the two women moved up close to him and stroked their hands over his scaly hide (stroked his scaly hide with their hands).
They stopped near his hind legs and smiled warmly at his turned head (him) before moving in underneath him, much to his surprise.
No longer in his vision, the dragon still felt them brushing their hands across his abdomen, (so) as to alert him of where they were.
The dragonhood was equally impressive in size (as was its) the massive owner, easily the same length and thickness as a whole full grown human.
Naked and looking over (at) each other, Farah gave a wink to (winked at) her daughter before they both leaned in to lick and kiss the throbbing cock.
Giving it a squeeze, Opala giggled and moved over to kneel down in front of the large cockhead, lapping at the fat tip (the fat tip with her tonge).
The little (small amount of) precum Nabonaga's pride leaked from the attention was enough to fill barrels, but the Queen did her best to pay (give it her) respect.
They nodded to each other before pressing their bodies up against the sides of his cock, squeezing (pressing) their breasts at (against) the warm cock.
Whilst they were not even close to reaching (being able to reach) around his whole (entire) thickness, the females did their best as they bounced and jiggled their breasts (against his huge pride).
Reaching over to hold onto each other's arms (other), the females pull (then pulled) themselves tightly against the cock whilst rubbing their whole (entire) bodies along (against) it.
Arching back his long neck (back), Nabonaga roared with such might it even scared (made) the (scared) animals outside the cavern to run for cover.
Moaning, the females reached for each others hands and crossed fingers (out and held each others hands) whilst pressing their lips together for (in) a cum drenched kiss.
The huge dragon breathed heavily whilst looking over (at) the females, still clinging to his cock and kissing each other like lovers.

Nabonaga Scene [Eastern Version]

Farah, “It must be the will of the Gods (gods) that I surrender myself and give my body to this noble dragon.”
For as long as Nabonaga could remember in his long life during thousands of years, this was the first time he became (was) confused.
No longer in his vision, the dragon still felt her brushing her hands across his abdomen, (so) as to alert him of where she were (was).
But when he felt their (her) soft hands brushing over his sheath, Nabonaga slightly raised a hind leg to look down at the woman underneath him.
The dragonhood was equally impressive in size (as was its) the massive owner, easily the same length and thickness as a whole full grown human.
The massive dragonhood was so large, her cunt so tight, yet somehow it still managed to squeeze into her body as she kneeled (knelt) down.”
Farah, “This truly is a blessing of the Gods (gods), they’ve allowed me to handle your size…”
Farah, “S-Surely, this is a proof I’m meant to be your life long mate and carry your eggs…”
The waves (of dragon seed/cum) pumped into Farah with (at) such a fast rate that her belly was forced to inflate to an impressive amount (size) to keep it all inside.


In King Caldors entry it says:
"The King of Namaria, a peaceful and beloved ruler WHO'VE kept the Kingdom from harm in many years".
It should say "ruler WHO HAS kept", also "harm in many years" should probably say "harm FOR many years" or "harm OVER many years".

Notebook II

In Latex's entry it says:
"A mysterious and aggressive antro little is known about".
It should say "antro WHOM little is known about". Or possibly "antro, little is known about HER".