Cheat codes are activated by typing them in using the necklace found in the main character's house east of Castle Resteed and in Greenfield lands. All cheats start with a capital letter.


When you activate the necklace it says that using any cheat code disables both saving and achievements. Successfully activating a cheat code does currently disable menu saving (LoQO II Ep. I) when the character has the coin of saving from the Traveling Scholar at Castle Resteed, however Sanctus crystal saving is disabled. Further testing needed to determine whether or not it actually also disables unlocking achievements. The only save crystals that WILL work is in the Transportation Area when you chose the "Transport" option on any Sanctus Crystal and Sanctus crystals that only have one use.
(Hint the coin of saving not working now after activating any cheat codes)
In the Transportation, the crystals don't work. I've tried with cheats ON, and i'm disappointed. I have to restart... WITHOUT cheats

If you have a savegame that has cheats enabled and therefore doesn't let you get achievements you can disable cheats again, by opening the save file (e.g. Save1.rxdata) in SGEdit. In the tab "Switch" search for the entry #0223 and right click on it it to set it to none.


Cheat - Does nothing. Game makes fun of you for trying an obvious code. Does not trigger cheat toggle.

Sprint - When you press the 'a' key in certain screens sprint mode is activated. Press the 'a' key again to disable. The character moves much faster when walking in sprint mode than when walking normally. Command glitchy currently (as of LoQO II Ep. I). Cheat toggle triggered.

Rich - Gives party 5000 gold. Triggers cheat toggle.

Richer - Gives party 50000 gold. Triggers cheat toggle.

Save - Game makes fun of you for trying to turn the ability to save back on. Does not trigger cheat toggle or do anything else.

Exp - Adds 1000 exp to all party members. Triggers cheat toggle.

Level - Gives all party members 10 levels. Triggers cheat toggle.

Gabe - In case you forgot, Gabe (the creator of this game, not the horse character in this game) is female! Triggers cheat toggle.
Note: this cheat is highly recommended viewing, but be sure to save prior to using this cheat and reload that save when finished to make sure you can still unlock achievements in the game.

Gabe2 - Another Gabe selfie. Triggers cheat toggle.

Gabe3 - Yet another Gabe selfie. Triggers cheat toggle.

Gabe4- Game makes fun of you being greedy. Does not trigger cheat toggle or do anything else.