The land of Namaria has a large number of quests, both related to and aside from the main storyline, that are available for you to help the land's citizens. Below is a list of these quests and how to clear them:

NOTE: You can view which quests you have cleared/started by buying the Quest Log. Quests essential to the main storyline are italicized.

List of Quests

Chapter 01-01:
A new day has arrived in Namaria, take your time exploring and getting used to the area.

Chapter 01-02:
The Shadow Spike appearing at the Hills of Sanctus changes everything. It would be a good idea to escort the unfamiliar girl to the nearest town.

Client is in the inn of Castle Resteed. To clear, buy a treasure shovel and go to Breeze Woods. Go to the second screen from the start with a lake and use the shovel in the upper left camping area (between the fireplace and a log.) Reward: Ring of Anti-Poison.

Chapter 01-03:
Dealing with Lord Kross' castle guards, you and your team decide to go and search for Lady Farah at Rockgard Village.

Chapter 01-04:
To learn more about the Shadow Spikes, you need to find an alchemist who lives in a calm shore community named Baltera Village.

Without Boundaries:
No client. To clear, find the Crystal Fragment in Greystone Ruins. The path you follow will cross a building. Go to the left and make your way through the basement to the other side (possible without lockpick). Up the stairs is a chest. Reward: Crystal Fragment (allows Transport function on non-breaking crystals).

Legendary Pervert:
No client. To clear, speak with Master Hen'tai in the bar in Castle Resteed (fat man by the counter). Reward: Mask of Disguise (allows you to find boxes where Master Hen'tai will hide in. Choose "Break open box" to initiate fights with him to get illustrations. refusing his challenge and turning him into the guards earns an Achievement and 1 Evil point; Mask of Disguise is still obtained and illustrations can still be earned).

NOTE: You cannot get this Achievement in New Game + later! You must take the evil path on this if you plan to get all of the Achievements. However, if you do this, you can never do the regular Master Hen'tai fights, not only in this playthrough, but in any future New Game + playthroughs, which is a shame, since those become very challenging fights late game.

Castle Thugs:
Client is a Castle Guard in the lower left screen of Castle Resteed. To clear, kill the 4 thugs that appear during nightfall. Locations are: upper left screen, screen with Item shop, upper right screen, screen right of where client is. Reward: Fire Armor.

Alchemist's Potion (A1):
Client is the alchemist in Tower of Illumi. Bring him a Wood Squirrel, Wild Rabbit, and Water Toad. To increase chance of capturing, buy Hunter Gloves. Wood squirrel is found in Mountain Road. Water Toad can be found in Breeze Woods and Azure Falls. Wild Rabbits can be found in Breeze Woods. Reward: Mystery Potion 1 (teaches Kai Fire)

Stolen Wallet:
Client is a man in front of inn in Rockgard Village. Fight bandits in front of the weapon shop and return his wallet. Reward: Ring of Water.

Jewel Thief:
Client is Shady Warrior in Rockgard Village. To steal the jewel in the tavern, stand near it and press Enter/Space when the guards on the left look away (about half a minute after entering). Give jewel to client after stealing. Reward: 1,800 gold.

Fishing Around:
Client is an old man in Baltera Village. Find 5 Lost Cargo and return them to him. One is in the west of the village while the other 4 are in Namarian Shores. All 5 are near the water, so don't stray too far. Reward: a piece of Legendary Map.

Flowers of Love:
Client is a shy man in western portion of Baltera Village. Hand him Purple Tussian (found in a cave in center portion of Namarian Shores). Reward is Treasure Map 2 (head to location in map and use shovel. Area is in Castle Resteed).

Chapter 02-01:
Shadow Spikes appear to be a bigger threat than first believed, it is vital you seek more information beyond Frontier Aqueduct.

Artifact of Life (V1):
Client is Duchess Velvetta. To access, you must buy Greenfield Lands first. Speak to client then head to Echo Forest. Take northern path when you reach the intersection with the sign and enter Temple of Moon. To solve the puzzle inside the temple, all switches (left and right sides) must be pulled to the right. Defeat boss (advice: do mission after obtaining Gauntlet of Nabonaga at the very least. Have Gold equipment or stronger) and open chest behind it for Artifact of Life. Give Artifact of Life to Duchess Velvetta to clear. Reward: 20,000 gold.

Porking Bandits (G1):
Client is Gordo in Gordo Farm. Fight the bandits in Breeze Woods (in a campsite in the southern part of the isle, the area with the 3 tents). Reward: Wind Armor.

Storage Issues:
Client is bartender in Aideen Tavern. Enter the basement and get 3 closed jars. To do so, you have to push some boxes around (approach and press Enter). Reward: a piece of Legendary Map.

Hide and Seek:
Client is kid in Eastern area of Aideen. To clear, find the four kids in the city. Locations are:

Street Vendor Area - Southern Aideen
Clock Tower - Northeast Aideen
Church Entrance - Northeast Aideen
Distant Wagon Area - Western Aideen

Reward: Treasure Map 1 (use shovel in location. Area is Duchess Mansion).

Runaway Child:
Client is the worried woman in the screen with the weapon shop. Find her daughter in the screen west of where the save crystal is. Choose whether you let her keep your pet or not (giving her your pet gives a Good point and the Achievement Kind Hearted; keeping your pet does not give and Evil point). Speak to client again after. Reward is Vial of Learning.

Note: if you do not give her your pet, you can never get the Achievement, even with New Game +. You must take the "good" choice here if you want all Achievements. This means that you also cannot allow your first run to be all-good or all-evil, if you plan to get all Achievements eventually.

Merchant's Law:
Client is soldier inside the Castle of Aideen (first room you walk in to, to the left at the long table). To clear, talk to center street vendor (screen with save crystal) and he'll mention a woman living beside the item shop. Speak to said woman (in house beside item shop. Screen to the east of where the save crystal is). Speak to street vendor again after. Bring Mega Magical Growth to client. Reward: 2,500 gold.

Monster Pimp: (new. Madam Sonya FINALLY has purpose.)
Madam Sonya's Palace of Pleasure in Grand Aideen is looking to recruit some more... talent for the brothel. She has many clients who like a little variation in their partner. There are 6 monsters out there who you will run into who are not up for a fight. You will let them know that Madam Sonya is looking for employees and give them a copy of the letter she gave you. If you run into a monster that does not attack you upon approach, and is female, talk to her. Maybe she needs a job. Reward: Lifetime membership at the Palace.

Monster Locations:
Nerianah: Azure Falls, far west, cross the bridge over the waterfall then into the cavern.
Mother Nature: Breeze Woods, from the save stone head east and then north, she is standing to the North of the small lake.
Aero Mistress: Far east end of Neverless Canyon.
Seductress: Echo Forest, in the south-western end of the forest (swamp section).
Ice Demoness: 2nd cave in Cliffside Valley (Minotaur place).
Fire Demoness: Inside the actual temple in Temple of the Sun, just follow the path onward until you find her.

Chapter 02-02:
After meeting with the King of Namaria, you learn Queen Opala's kidnapper was last seen heading for Mound Dreadclaw.

Breeding Ground:
Client is a soldier near entrance to Northern Namaria Gate. In Dreadclaw Pass, enter cave, head west, head south (so you will be outside of cave). head south (to enter new cave with pinkish walls and Impregnators), speak to Latex in lower left corner. If you did not accept Layla into the party, Latex will join. Speak to client again to finish. Reward: Beam Armor.

Valethorn Mystery:
Starts upon entering Valethorn. To clear, head into woods east of Valethorn village. Head to northern cave to find villagers. Head to east-northern cave to find more villagers and a fight against a Giga Plump and 2 Lizardmen. Quest ends upon saving all villagers. Reward: Ring of Darkness. If you speak to Iliona in the Valethorn Item shop upon finishing the quest, she will join you if you did not accept Murdock into your party.

Mining Trouble:
Client is weapon shop owner in Totville (to reach Totville, go past Azure Falls). To clear, defeat all Blackeagle Bandits and Sorceress in northernmost mine in Totville. Choose to defeat bandits and get +1 good standing, choose to let them go and get +1 evil standing and 5,000 gold. Speak to client after to finish. Reward: 3 Crystal Minerals and ability to buy from the weapon shop.

Note: In LoQO II Episode 1 the game will crash if you try to buy weapons from the blacksmith. Armor may be bought without issue. This was fixed with Episode 1 v. 1.01, so if you are still having problems with this blacksmith, you are probably playing an out of date version. Especially true if you are still playing Episode 1.

Date Bait:
Client is a soldier in front of Item shop in Tel Ravida. To clear speak to either Milana, Farah, Layla or Emeralda in the Tel Ravida tavern, mention the soldier, ask them to do the favor, and talk to the client again. Reward: Potent Seed of Dexterity.

Alchemist's Dream (A2):
Must clear "Alchemist's Potion" first and have been to Aideen. Client is the alchemist in Tower of Illumi. Bring him a Grey Mouse, Shadow Rabbit, and Silver Frog. Grey Mouse can be found in Greyroad Ruins, Silver Frog in Azure Falls (or in the mine in Totville), and Shadow Rabbit can be found in Dreadclaw Pass, Mt. Dreadclaw and Echo forest. Reward: Mystery Potion 2 (teaches Kai Water).

Night Raiders (G2):
Must be a member of Guild of Heroes and have previously completed 'Porking Bandits'. Client is Gordo. Sleep until nightfall and fight 3 groups of enemies outside of the farmhouse. Speak to client after all three fights. Reward: Ceremonial Armlet.

Animal Rights:
Must have "Ribbon of Speech" first (obtained from Traveling Scholar in Totville). Client is a goat in Shaabera (screen west of tavern). To clear, go to Temple of Sun and kill the Evil Ragnarok (located somewhere to the right of the temple). Speak to client after. Reward: Ring of Greater Intelligence.

Truth or Dare (V2):
Must clear "Artifact of Life" first and must be a member of the Guild of Heroes. Client is Duchess Velvetta. Go to Aideen cemetery at night and speak to the biggest grave. Defeat Duke Legacus. Return to Duchess villa and enter basement. Defeat Duchess Velvetta and her zombies. Choice to spare her or let her die (Good/Evil counter) after fight. If playing Western version, a third option obtains a scene. Reward: Ceremonial Rod.

Caravan Looters: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
In Shaabera, just outside of the tavern, there is a man who is looking for an adventurer to help him retrieve his missing barrels from the Sand Giants. Go to the Dunes of Shaabera and find the two caves with Sand Giants lurking outside of them; one cave will have two barrels and the other will have just one. Reward: Waterstorm Club.

Cock Grabbing: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
In Shaabera, just south of the save point, there is a man who is desperate to steal another man's rooster/cock. Sleep till night, find the tavern and head west two screens, enter the house. Wait until the man is walking and is no longer looking into the hallway, then head straight in and steal the rooster; if you fail he will just toss you outside, but after you succeed the man will no longer be a threat to you. Sleep till morning and return to the client. Reward: Treasure Map 03.

The Cold Trail: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
In Shaabera, the local service lady handling the Distant Wagon Service is asking for a traveler to help her find 3 pieces of Purple Ore. It is said that the ore can only be found in cold places by the sea. Once you've crossed the sea and are on the world map, head east along the frozen coast until you discover Blackeagle's Ship area, enter in. Before you go onto the ship, head south until you see the Purple Ore, mine it to get Purple Ore (3x). Reward: Traveler's Pass.

Escaped Cons: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
Have to be a member of the Guild of Heroes. In Grand Aideen, a castle guard working at the castle's dungeon is looking to recapture 10 escaped convicts. Members of the Blackeagle gang have escaped from prison and are on the loose across Namaria, you are tasked with hauling those troublesome bandits back in so they can serve their time. Some of these bandits have most likely teamed up and will attack you in group! Reward: Dark Vanquisher.

Blackeagle Locations:
On one of the boats in Tel Ravida (3)
Outside Shaabera Palace (2)
The entrance area of Totville (2)
Top floor of Outpost (1)
The entrance area of Duchess Mansion (2)

Chapter 03-01:
Boots of Nabonaga - This artifact is told to be found somewhere in the heart of the Blackeagle Fortress, east of Rockgard Village.

Chapter 03-02:
Armor of Nabonaga - To find this artifact, you must travel to the far east, past Echo Forest and search beyond the vast Dunes of Shaabera.

Chapter 03-03:
Blade of Nabonaga - No doubt the hardest artifact to recover, you must head to the port town of Tel Ravida and travel across the great ocean. Episode II starts here.

Gold Digger: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
In Solheim, a blacksmith is looking for a miner who can get him 10 gold lumps. You can find gold lumps inside the Gold Ore deposits that you've already mined. Reward: golden statues in Greenfield Lands, blacksmith upgrade.
To get the gold lumps you must find or return to the gold veins across Namaria and mine them. Each vein should give 2 lumps.
One vein can be found in the eastern cave of Valethorn, one in Lake Selene, two in Azure Falls, one in the northeastern area of the Temple of Sacrifice, one in the caves under the Hills of Sanctus and one in the Neverus Tribe.

The Seahorse: (new. Part of chapter 2 release)
In Solheim, there is a treasure hunter looking for someone to do a little exploring for him in Cliffside Valley, home of Minotaurs. Somewhere in that valley is crystal seahorse discussed in legends. If you find it, the reward is a piece of Legendary Map.
Crystal is located in the last cavern on the right side of the valley (last screen, after the wooden bridge leading to a chest).
You can also get an evil point here.

Mailman Duties: (also part of new release)
Another quest from Solheim. Needs Ribbon of Speech. In this one, there is a person who wishes to send mail to a woman he knew in Grand Aideen. He is located at the north of the city.
Head first towards the school of Grand Aideen near Distant Wagon Service. Talk to the girl on the wall of the school and then go to Tel Ravida's tavern and ask the waiter (blue haired guy) about the girl. Go to Balthera village next. Spot and talk to the cat on the shore (left of the crystal). Finally, go to Rockgard Village to find the girl right before the Slave Outpost.
Get ready for a fight with two Elite Blackeagle bandits and one leader (answering "mind if I join you guys" will give you an Evil point).
Reward: Serpent's Bane.

Burning Desire:
In Odyssa Village, a soldier is looking for the underwear of Mistress TnA, one of the founders of the League of Pervert. Go to the League of Pervert's base, just inspect the table near Mistress TnA's bed when she don't look at you. Reward: a piece of Legendary Map.

Chapter 04-01:
After rescuing Queen Opala at last, you and your friends decide a celebration at the Solhein tavern is in order.

Chapter 04-02:
Full of new energy, its high time to return to the Hills of Sanctus in order to find a way to destroy the artifacts.

Chapter 04-03:
Having learned the truth about your past, it is time to regroup and prepare to take fight to Bastorahl by talking to Cassandra (Naluna) in the Neverus Tribe.

Chapter 05-01:
Hearing that an ancient army might soon be awakened, you've agreed it's of the highest importance to warn the King of Namaria of the upcoming battle.

Chapter 05-02:
Emperor Bastorahl is planning to sabotage the Frontier Aqueduct in order to flood the South East area of Namaria. It must be prevented at all costs.

Chapter 05-03:
Having saved the Frontier Aqueduct, all that remains is a final confrontation with Emperor Bastorahl in his own lair, Castle Conquest.

Alchemist's Hope (A3):
Must clear "Alchemist's Potion" and "Alchemist's Dream" and defeat Emperor Bastorahl. The Client is the alchemist in the Tower of Illumi. Bring him a Snow Bunny (Blackeagle Ship), Wild Rabbit, and Dark Squirrel (Lair of Nabonaga). Reward: Mystery Potion 3 (teaches Kai Thunder).

Chapter 06-01:
With Emperor Bastorahl defeated and Namaria saved, you and your party decide it is high time to celebrate the victory at the Tel Ravida tavern.

Chapter 06-02:
After celebrating your victory, Mount Dreadclaw is waiting next as you're trying to find the grand portal that will take you to Egypt.

Chapter 06-03:
The time has come for an assault on the Royal Palace, through the shed in the Southern area of Thebes and the various tunnels and catacombs beneath it.

Chapter 07-01:
With Opala once again Queen of Egypt, you've decided to investigate Tel Ravida and the Guild of Heroes in hope of finding out where Osira and Altum might be.

Lamest Quest:
In Thebes outside the Inn and Blacksmith, the former beggar will ask you to find his lucky coin. Talk with him after accepting the quest. Reward: 10,000 gold.

Tool of Shame:
Go to the Strange Shop in Thebes (where you buy Heavy Balls in the first game). If you buy the property, a second man will appear asking you to find his lost axe. It's located beneath the palace. Go to the dungeons (where you entered on your way to fight Seth), and take the stairs down to the corridor lined in jagged rocks. You'll end up in the room where the Ritual of the Gods is held. Return it to hear his confession and get the reward: Portrait of Melody.

Duchess' Revenge:
Speak with the Duchess in the Grand Aideen Castle's cell. Triggers an event when you sleep at your old house in Hills of Sanctus in post-game. You will be confronted by 3 powerful thugs.
If you left her for the zombies in her basement, she will disappear and the butler will give you this quest.
After the storymode is complete, the first time you return to your old house she will wait for you with 2 "Savage of the East", each around 100 k HP, while the Duchess has between 250 - 500 k hp.

Bedroom Warfare:
Talk with Kodoh (the pink Lizardman in Neverus Tribe) and you'll receive a Tribe Medicine. Use it along with at least one Fertility Drink from the upgraded Strange Shop in Thebes. Return to the palace to either Farah or Opala's bedchamber at night and try to get them pregnant. You'll have to wait a week in-game (sleep 14 times between day and night) or use the Hourglass of Time, then go to the Pharaoh's Orphanage and see what happens. Report the results to Kodoh for your reward: Tribe Medicine x5.

Chapter 07-02:
Learning a pregnant Osira was spotted heading for the dangerous and secluded Western region of Namaria, you purchased an ship to give chase.

Clown Killer:
The Pleasure Jester in the arena tavern asks you to find out who stabbed her husband, the perverted jester.
Talk to the guard next to the clock south of the arena, investigate the bloodstain and talk to all the people on the map (not on Festival Island, only on that map) and to Dargon, the healer next to the injured jester. Talk to the guard next to the clock again, go to the arena office (inside the arena building, north of the arena), talk to all 3 woman, then to the guard and accuse one woman.
The culprit is the left woman, but accusing anyone will finish the quest.

Note: There seems to be a bug, investigating people before talking to the guard next to the clock it will cause the quest to loop, with the guard telling you to get more evidence before continuing, no matter how many times the necessary actions are done.
Talking first to the guard solves the problem / doesn't let it appear in the first place.

Secret League:
On the peninsula with the Arena of Champions, you'll find a mansion. The owner Wolfgang asks you to locate the League of Perverts' base by interviewing his fans outside. One should send you to the Shaabera Palace, to speak with your old friend the Chubby Customer. He's got two Mercenary bodyguards. After questioning him, you need to head back to Festival Island (from the first game). Go into the old Arena's tavern and speak with an old man there. He'll give you directions to find the base; you can reach it sailing NW of the lighthouse near Stonehedge. Reward: Silver Key (gives access to treasure in Wolfgang Estate).

A Sneaky Keg:
Located on the Hermit's Cottage once you get access to the ship. The legendary blacksmith Ernando is in a cave and has lost his favorite keg of ale. With the Ribbon of Speech, talk to the goat after accepting the quest. He'll direct you to the Lighthouse near Stonehedge. Reward: blacksmith upgrade (post-game) (Greenfield Lands, weapons only) and access to best weapons, armor, and accessories.

The Other Side:
Following Wolfgang's quest (Secret League) will lead you to the League of Perverts' base. You become a member by talking to the receptionist in the lobby. After finishing Delivery Boy and King or Queen, you'll trigger the quest completion by talking with Mistress TnA in Gnoll's Bar in Nazadina (if you sided with Senior Date El-Rape) or with Senior Date El-Rape in the arena of Festival Island (if you sided with Mistress TnA). Reward: None.

Delivery Boy:
After becoming a member of the League of Perverts, your only real mission is to put ten magazines in mailboxes throughout the kingdom. So far the only two that don't seem to count are on Greenfield Lands and Hills of Sanctus (your houses). Go to any ten mailboxes in cities and villages. Reward: Portrait of Mistress.

King or Queen:
Unless you haven't completed Burning Desire, you get to choose sides in the League of Perverts' rivalry. Speak with the founder Senior Date El-Rape to fight Mistress TnA, or accept Mistress TnA's offer to fight 5 Master Hen'tai's at once. Survive and speak with the only remaining founder for your reward: 50,000 gold.

Chapter 07-03:
In the little village of Stonehedge, you learned Osira was seen heading toward the Twin Towers and what awaits beyond.

Malicious Beast:
An older man in Stonehedge asks you to slay a monster attacking the village. When you get to the Twin Towers north of town (full of zombies), win the fight against the only Roawk enemy. Talk to him for the reward: a piece of Legendary Map.

Brave Bamboo:
Speak with the little girl on the east side of Stonehedge. Go north to Rugwart's Ranch, and find the teddy bear above the horse pen. Reward: None.

Alchemist's Finale (A4):
Accept the final job from the Crazy Alchemist (post-Alchemist Hope, after beating Seth). He needs a Holy Mouse (Grand Aideen Church, Monastery), a Shadow Rabbit (Dreadclaw Pass), and a Water Toad (Breeze Woods & Azure Falls). Reward: Mystery Potion 04 (teaches Kai Ice).

Damsel Savior:
Return to the Guild of Heroes receptionist, where you will be asked to help save the abducted women of Tel Ravida. Go into the 2 An'Terra caverns in Baltera Village and Namarian Shores, and talk to all the trapped women, then report to the soldiers outside. Reward: Onyx Metal x10.

Durrow's Lament:
After visiting Captain Durrow at Shipwreck Beach, go to Festival Island at night and talk to the sailor near your ship. Then travel to the school in Grand Aideen and speak with the teacher. Go back to Captain Durrow, where you will have to fight a stronger Shade. Reward: 14,000 gold.