In addition to chests, there are also resources in dungeons, caves and outside that can be gathered. These include wild animals for alchemical experiments, veins of ore and hidden treasures. Each requires a special item to be able to gather that particular resource. Higher level resources require higher level items.

Be aware: hunting animals can roam and are often found in areas with big trees, so they may not always be easy to spot. Also, they can hide behind the graphics of the dungeon-cell-sewer rooms' southern walls (Grey Mouse like in Greystone Ruins).

Low level hunting: No Item Needed (for some of them) or it requires Hunting Gloves, These can be found at nearly any gift shop.

Wild Rabbit:
  • Sanctus Hills - South of the Sanctus Hills crystal on the same map.
  • Sanctus Hills - One screen east of player's initial house.
  • Path to Mountain - On the screen just west of the exit to the Sanctus Hills tower.
  • Breeze Forrest - Three screens west of the east entrance, bottom left corner of the map.
  • second screen after Greystone Ruins to Rockgard village.
  • Northen gate.

Wood Squirrel:
  • Sanctus Hills - Screen with player's initial house.
  • Sanctus Hills - Map directly west of player's initial house, entrance to Sanctus Hills from world map.
  • Road to Mountain - Map north of entrance to the area.
  • First screen after greystone ruins to rockgard village
  • First screen in breeze woods from Castel Reesteed
  • Breeze woods near cristal
  • Neverless canyons After gabe house
  • Stonehedge first screen

Grey Mouse:
  • Upper Right Stairs Down 1, Greystone Ruins, Central Namaria (Just means you go down one screen from the first one that has ruins, and you go down the stairs the furthest toward the upper right hand corner of the screen)
  • Lower Left Stairs Down 3, Greystone Ruins, Central Namaria (Err, you got to figure out which area-screen this is though)

Water Toad:
  • Breeze woods: two near the lakes.
  • Echo forest:last screen before swamp.
  • Echo forest:first screen in swamp.
  • Echo woods:second screen in swamp.
  • Lake Serene: North of lake.
  • Lake Serene: South of lake.
  • Stonehedge: North east.

Shadow Rabbit:
  • Entrance Dreadclaw Pass.
  • Mont Dreadclaw entrance.
  • Mont Dreadclaw west just after meeting Seth first time.
  • Mont Dreadclaw just before enter the last door.
  • Echo forest: First enemy screen from the Tel Ravida side.
  • Echo forest: Screen before cristal from Tel Ravida.
  • Echo forest: North Screen from cristal.
  • Lair of Nabonaga

Holy Mouse
  • Grand Aideen Church (need Hunter trap)
  • Monastery- In church

Silver frog :
  • Azure Fall First screen from Valletorn
  • Azure fall western screen
  • Totville. Upper mine

Snow bunny :
  • x 2 Docked ship near Solheim
  • Shiva pass First screen
  • X 2 Blackeagle ship.
  • Cliffside valley. First screen

Dark squirrel
  • Lair of Nabonaga
  • Echo forest on the west side of the easternmost room that contains monsters, near the top of the screen

Veins of ore look like large, metal-colored crystals. They each give multiple pieces of a metal used in forging. When mining has finished there will be a smaller cluster of crystals of the same color as the original vein, but it will not provide any more forging resources (as of LoQOII Ep. I).

Low level mining: requires a pickaxe, available at most gift shops.
Bronze ore:
  • x4 - Sanctus Hills - Top left corner of the cave whose entrance is found on the same map as the Sanctus crystal.
  • x6 - Azura Falls - In the souther cave, second floor, north of that area.
  • x6 - Lake Selene - Inside the cave to the north.

Iron ore:
  • x5 - Path to Mountain - Inside the first room of the leftmost cave, upper left hand corner of map.
  • x6 - Path to Mountain - Inside upper room of leftmost cave, above the other vein of ore.

Steel ore:
  • x4 - Path to Mountain - Same room as x6 iron ore vein in leftmost cave of area.
  • x5 - Namarian Shores - From the beach central area to the East, inside the cave.
  • x4 - Namarian Shores - From the central area to the West, up where the water crosses vertical the screen, in the cave.
  • x4 - Mount Dreadclaw - In th first area of the cave.
  • x5 - Mount Dreadclaw - Second area to the north.

Silver ore:
  • x6 - Totville - First mine of the town.
  • x5 - Blackeagle Fortress- Tunnels of the fortress, go down at the fork just before the next area.

Gold ore:
  • x4 - Valethorn woods - Follow the east road until the cave.
  • x5 - Azura Falls - Across the bridges to the west. Inside the cave, left side.
  • x4 - Azura Falls - In the south cave, right to the tiny lake (south of the entrance).
  • x5 - Lake Selene - In the cave to the East.
  • x6 - Temple of Sacrifice - North cave.
  • x6 - Hills of Sanctus - Tunnels of the fortress, right side of the exit (before battling Altum).
  • x5 - Neverus Tribe - Lower left corner.

Mithril ore:
  • x4 - Mount Dreadclaw - The second area to the north.
  • x5 - Azura Falls - The same area has the x4 gold ore, close to the stairs.
  • x5 - Totville - Second mine in the first area of the town.
  • x6 - Lake Selene - In the cave to the south, right to one Fishmouth.
  • x4 - Lake Selene - To the entrance of the cave, go left, down the stairs and left again.

Titanium ore:
  • x4 - Road to the Monk temple.
  • x3 - Shaabera Dunes - Box in the middle of the second open area.
  • x6 - Shaabera Dunes - Above the entrance to the third area.
  • x5 - Temple of Sacrifice - Same as the x6 gold ore.
  • x6 - Shiva Path - The first cave to the East.
  • x5 - Cliffside Valley - To the East, the second cave.
  • x4 - Hills of Sanctus - Tunnels of the fortress, left corner.
  • x5 - Neverus Tribe - Can't miss it.

Platinum ore:
  • x4 - Blackeagle Fortress - Main route, at the end of the tunnel.
  • x4 - Neverless Canyons - To the East, in the cave where the Mischiefs are.

Diamond ore:
  • x6 - Temple of Moon - The cave before the temple, in the Southeast of the second area.
  • x5 - Shaabera Dunes - Northwest cave (right in the corner), to the left.

Quartz ore:
  • x4 - Shiva Path - The north path, inside a cave to the East.
  • x6 - Cliffside Valley - Third cave to the East, the penultimate area.
  • x4 - Lair of Nabonaga - Just north on the left wall.
  • x5 - Lair of Nabonaga - After the stairs follow the right path.

Moonstone Ore:
  • x3 - Bastorahl Inner Sanctum
  • x4 - Bastorahl Inner Sanctum
  • x5 - Bastorahl Inner Sanctum

Digging for Buried Treasure
Involves Treasure Map locations for various items (Ice Plate in Castle Resteed) and at least one quest too for an item (Sleepwalker Quest, find Anti-Poison Ring).