Treasure Map 01 - Duchess Mansion - [Ring of Anti-Silence]
external image 572046828500ec9ae115f5treasurecard1.jpg

Treasure Map 02 - Castle Resteed (North-Eastern Section) - [Ice Plate]
external image 1829348044500ec9aa72177treasurecard2.jpg

Treasure Map 03 - Lake Serene - [Ring of Intellegence]
external image 318384997500ec9a47547btreasurecard3.jpg

Treasure Map 04 - Location: Azure Falls (Enter from north and then take west road over bridge between two waterfalls) - [Medallion of Protection]
external image 1661829669500ec99fb3c6ctreasurecard4.jpg

Treasure Map 05 - Location: Mountain Road - [Ring of Strength]
external image 329651977500ec998e7972treasurecard5.jpg

Treasure Map 06 - Location: East of Gabe the Horseman's house - [Sun Lance]
external image 133268074500ec9929afd9treasurecard6.jpg

Treasure Map 07 - Location: Docked Ship (the ship you got to Frozen Continent on, just south of Solheim) - [Inferno Armor]
external image 1677405862500ec98c91be4treasurecard7.jpg

Treasure Map 08 - Location: Shiva Path - [Tremble Robe]
external image 809433807500ec986eeb29treasurecard8.jpg

Treasure Map 09 - Location: Temple of Moon - [Frostbite Plate]

Treasure Map 10 - Location: Stone Valley - [Ring of Dexterity]

Treasure Map 11 - Location: Outside the Tomb of the Pharaoh - [Thunderstorm Robe]

Treasure Map 12 - Location: Monastery (Divine Isle) - [Shadowstorm Dagger]

Treasure Map 13 - Location: Shipwreck Island - [Medallion of the King]

Treasure Map 14 - Location: Stonehenge (North side) - [Avalanche Plate]

Treasure Map 15 - Location: Festival Island (Warp area) - [Portrait of Naluna]

Legendary Map - Location: League of Perverts - [Beta Electrocute]

It seems the treasure mas arent needed, the digging equipment is sufficent enough to get the treasure, if the location is known