The main character has the option to make a number of good or evil choices in the game. These choices are tracked by how many of each sort you make and there is a counter for each in the Completion book.

First Meeting With Laquadia in Jadeite Temple
  • Renegade Path: Demand Something Else
    • Choosing "Something more personal" triggers a sex scene with Laquadia

Colussia Quest "What Goes Around"
  • Heroic Path: Hey, move away from her!
    • This triggers a battle sequence.
  • Renegade Path: (No, it'll serve as a lesson...)

Conversation with Crayden in Caimridge
  • Heroic Path: Yes, I would want to be sure
  • Renegade Path: No, I guess you're right...

First Meeting With Farah in Heavenly Fate
  • Renegade path: You're a whore, right?

Meeting Laquadia in Darkthorn Keep
  • Heroic Path: Hold back and glare
  • Renegade Path: Grab her
    • This triggers a scene

Rescue Farah from Heavenly Fate
  • Heroic Path: (Tell her the truth)
  • Renegade Path: Lie

Travel through Windy Canyon (daytime)
  • Heroic Path: Investigate gunshots
  • Renegade Path:

After CG scene with first meeting with Opala on High Lord Gathering:
  • Heroic Path: I have the law on my side...
  • Renegade Path: Tell me, do you seek death?

Talking to Beatrix in Colussia Tavern after High Lord Gathering:
  • Heroic Path: (Offer to take her home)
  • Renegade Path: (Take advantage of her)

Talking to imprisoned Baron Ironard about his release:
  • Heroic Path: (Refuse to release)
  • Renegade Path: (Taking the deal)
    • Renegade: (Breaking the agreement)