Throughout Legend of Queen Opala games, certain collectible items have influenced gameplay and unlocked content. In LOQO Origin, there have been several changes made to items in previous games, while some have been removed entirely.

As of Episode 2 of LOQO Origin, there are 4 main kinds of key items. They are: Ruby Coins (which have replaced Golden Old Coins), Dimensional Shards, Costume Fabrics, and Gold Dice.

Ancient Pages and the Bestiary have been completely replaced by the Journal.

More information will be added on this section as it comes.

Ruby Coins

Ruby Coins are used to unlock special Red Chests scattered across The Beldorian Empire. The chests can take between 1 to 4 coins to open. Each red chest contains an Illustration. The chests containing Ruby Coins no longer require the Cape of Truth to see.


Fierra Falls -
  • Brightstone - Loot Table in Mayor Willheed's bedroom
  • Brightstone - Loot Table in south bedroom of Adult Farah's house
  • Caimridge - Inside chest in west house on screen with Crystal
  • Caimridge - Loot Table inside Library
  • Colussia - Left desk in SW room of castle guest rooms
  • Colussia - Desk in small locked room down side-street by Twin Trades
  • Colussia - Inside chest in middle south hobo room
  • Colussia x3 - Reward for Quest "Nightfall Raid"
  • Crimson Forest - Inside chest in SE corner of screen to the west of the bridge to Neifu settlement
  • Darkthorn Keep - In east Loot-able Table of SW cell in western screen of jail
  • Darkthorn Keep - Inside chest on western side of screen to the west after entering jail sewers
  • Fellhorn Ruins - Inside chest in ruins to the left of main road on 2nd screen before bridge
  • Grassland Road - Inside chest at end of narrow path by Firewolf cave in screen west of main road
  • Lake Fairlight - Inside chest on small island on east side of easternmost screen
  • Nillia Woods - Inside chest in middle of the screen west of the Highland entrance
  • Nillia Woods x4 - Reward for Treasure Map 4
  • Rivulet Hills - Chest hidden behind trees in NW corner of Mercenary camp screen
  • Western Lighthouse - Chest in NE corner of lighthouse's 1st floor
  • Windy Canyon - Just outside east cave entrance, hidden behind a tree
    • 24 as of EP. 01
  • Arlon - Loot table in house above the PUB
  • Fierra Falls - Over a bridge on the second screen. Where Pop Quiz Wizard quest is
  • Fierra Falls - Guarded by Giga Plump in the east cave system. Dynamite required
  • Forgotten Cemetery - Chest in the NE corner
  • Four Seasons Inn - Loot table in Lodge #4
  • Hollow Gorge - Inside the Zweibelle's lab
  • Immemorial Glade - Chest in SE corner of the screen
  • Kahr - Loot Table in house next to the Item Shop
  • Kahr - House below the Bath House. Accessible at night only
  • Paradisus Oasis - Chest behind weak wall on the west screen.
  • Pit of Ror'Ga - Second chest on the winding pathway
  • Serenity Bridge - Chest inside cave system. First screen east side
  • Smuggler's Route - Chest in the cave. West side of the second screen from the top
  • Smuggler's Route x4- Dig spot. Treasure Map 07

Dimensional Shards

Dimensional Shards are locked at the beginning of the game.Once the player has reached the crystal sanctum, they can talk to Illumi and receive her quest to track down rifts and close them. Each rift earns the player a Dimensional Shard. Collecting enough grants the player a reward from Illumi.
  • The first reward is available after 15 shards have been collected.
  • The second reward is available after 30 shards have been collected.

As of Episode 2 there are 35 shards, according to the Encyclopedia.


  • Brightstone - At end of path SE of inn
  • Caimridge - SW corner of Town Hall Basement
  • Colussia (1) - On the west side of the main road with door to tavern. At end of path through south gap in fence
  • Colussia (2) - Screen east of the tavern, and down the manhole in the fenced-in area.
  • Crimson Forest - At the end of the path north of Neifu settlement
  • Crystal Sanctum - Given to you by Illumi
  • *Darkthorn Keep - On a small peninsula between bridges to the west of the screen after entering jail sewers
  • Fellhorn Ruins - In ruin to the right of main road on second screen before bridge
  • Gentlemen's Club - By well behind main building
  • *Grand Bridge - Above the Imperial Manor entrance
  • Grassland Road - On elevated road by main road, easily visible
  • Highland Inn - North of horse pen
  • *Imperial Manor - NE corner of property, between two fences
  • Lake Fairlight - On small island on south side of screen east of entrance
  • Nillia Woods - West of tent at end of north fork path
  • Port Ronod - On the east side of fish market south of the pub
  • Rivulet Hills - First cave on the left in SE corner
  • Summer Cove - West side of screen
  • Western Lighthouse - West of stairs on lighthouse's 2nd floor
  • Windy Canyon - North of abandoned house north of fork in road
  • Whitehaven - North of the entrance to the city - end of grassland path east of city walls
  • River Checkpoint - At the end of path going south
  • Priestige Ranch - East from main house
  • Arlon - West of Jadeite Order Temple in the most eastern town screen
  • Immemorial Glade - Hidden between trees in northern part of screen
  • Tower of Descent - South of the tower on the one of cliffs
  • Four Seasons Inn - West of northern exit from this area and above all houses
  • Uncle Dad's Farm - Just north from entrace/exit to this area
  • Forgotten Cementary - West from main building between graves
  • Fierra Falls - West area from crossroads at second screen - easily visible from main road
  • Pit of Ror'Ga - At the bottom of the pit, at the south.
  • Smuggler's Route - Last screen top of the area.
  • Paradisus Oasis - Bottom right corner of first screen.
  • Desert Checkpoint - Below the left wall on the desert side of the checkpoint.
  • Kahr - Left hand side of the temple.

*(As of Episode II, these Shards are miss-able if the player did not get the Crystal Fragment in Port Ronod and spoke to Illumi in the teleport hub/Crystal Sanctum before getting arrested. Grand Bridge and the Imperial Manor must be visited before returning to the castle. You do get another chance later to get them though. The Shard in Darkthorn is gotten during the prison escape.)

Costume Fabrics

Costume Fabrics are a new collectible added in LOQO Origin. Costume Fabrics are required to create costumes for female characters at a clothes store (such as in Brightstone). They are found on upright fabric racks.

As of Episode 1 there are only two outfits the player can create; one for Teen Farah, one for Gabrielle, as the one for Ra'Tiki is incomplete. Other costumes can be unlocked via story, however none currently are.

New costumes can be equipped when you make camp. Talk to the party member and under "Battle Strategy" there is an option to change costumes.


  • Teen Farah
    • Brightstone - Reward for Quest "Chasing Pussy"
    • Colussia - In small locked room down side-street by Twin Trades.
    • Port Ronod - Reward for Quest "Animal Hunter" (3 Wood Squirrels required, 5 for bonus 1000G)
    • Fellhorn Ruins - Castle Area. First door. Only after the High Lord Gathering
    • Four Seasons Inn - Lodge #4. Lower right corner
    • Prestige Ranch - Inseide building. Right of where you walk in
  • Gabrielle
    • Brightstone - In house across from Distant Wagon Service
    • Caimridge - NW corner of Town Hall Basement
    • Port Ronod - North hold of eastern accessible ship
    • Uncle Dad's Farm - Far NE building
  • Ra'Tiki
    • Crimson Forest - West tent in Neifu settlement
    • Rivulet Hills - In south tent by Werewuffie den. Only accessible after accepting Quest "Heroic Savior"
    • Arlon - House above the PUB
    • Kahr - Left house near the temple
  • Mhu'Tiki
    • Hollow Gorge - Inside Zweibelle's Lab. The right room
    • Pit of Ror'Ga - Inside the buildings basement

Gold Dice

Gold Dice are unique items that can be used in the Game of Prediction and Devil's Dice mini-games. Gold Dice are imprinted with the faces of various LOQO women. The common dice are still required to play dice games, even if the player already owns Gold Dice.

It is believed that using Gold Dice matching the character featured in the card you are trying to obtain, will increase the chances of winning the Game of Prediction and vice-versa, using mismatched Gold Dice will decrease your chances. (E.g. if you are trying to win a Laquadia Trading Card, you have a higher chance using Laquadia's Gold Dice and lower chance using Farah's).


  • Laquadia - Colussia - Bonus Reward of Quest "Punching Slimebag"
  • Young Farah - Port Ronod - In chest in locked cell of sewers (left-right combo 2-3-1-4)
  • Gabrielle - Caimridge - Reward for Quest "Sleep Deprivation"
  • Masquerade - Rivulet Hills - Reward for Treasure Map 1
  • Ra'Tiki - Crimson Forest - Behind weak wall north of the settlement
  • Illumi - Smuggler's Route - Chest by following a path inside the caves
  • Beatrix - Kahr - Reward for completing the Cleaning The Streets Quest

Golden Tokens

Golden Tokens are an object that drops from the rare Golden Beetleblade enemy. The Golden Beetleblade has a small chance of appearing along with a certain mob in each map area. When defeated, the Golden Beetleblade drops a Golden Token, which are used to purchase items form the Rewards section of the Progression Menu. The mob the Beetleblade appears with is always the same, and you can be alerted when a Golden Beetleblade appears in your area, as well as have that mob can be singled out by buying an item from the Rewards section. An item can also be bought to increase the chances of encountering a Golden Beetleblade.

Below is a list of which mobs the Beetleblade appears with in all location where they currently do appear.

How Golden Beetleblade actually works: A variable known as "Randomizer" is triggered when entering from the World Map. Players have a 2 in 10, (20%), chance of triggering a Golden Beetleblade spawn normally, this raises to 2 in 6, (33%), with the reward. If the Beetleblade flees combat, the Randomizer resets to 0 until you exit to the World Map again. Changing location maps does not trigger the variable, neither does killing the placeholder monster. The warning reward thus speeds up your search by telling you as soon as you enter from the World Map whether or not it's worth searching for the Beetleblade.

TL:DR - If you don't get the Beetleblade on the current visit, go back to the world map and try again.


  • Crimson Forest

Crimson Forest Golden Token.png

  • Fellhorn Ruins

Fellhorn Ruins Golden Token.png

  • Grassland Road

Grassland Road Golden Token.png

  • Lake Fairlight
Windy Canyons Golden Token.png

  • Nillia Woods

Nillia Woods Golden Token.png

  • Rivulet Hills
Rivulet Hills Golden Token.png

  • Windy Canyon
Lake Fairlight Golden Token.png