The Beldorian Empire has a large number of quests, both related to and aside from the main storyline, that are available for you to help the land's citizens. Below is a list of these quests and how to clear them:

NOTE: You can view which quests you have cleared/started by buying the Quest Log. Quests essential to the main storyline are italicized.

List of Quests

Main Story Quests

Side Quests

Quest: "Introduction"
Location: Colussia - Near the park in Eastern region
Description: Meet a man near the park benches who has information on the infamous Black Dame, then head to the basement of the Colussia bar, and talk to the hooded person.
Walk-through: From the entrance of the castle walk 2 screens south, and then 2 screens east. The man in sitting on one of the benches along the road. He will offer a tip as to were to find the Black Dame. After talking with him walk back 2 screens west to the bar. The Black Dame is in the basement and will give you the lock picks
Reward: Lockpick set
Note: Though optional this quest must be done before leaving Colussia for Cainridge. If you leave and come back later, the man in the park will not be there.

Quest: "What Goes Around"
Location: Colussia - Collapsed maid in Western District
Description: Find the man with red hair the collapsed maid told you about. Speak with him, then go back to the maid and find a few men surrounding her. (There are no scenes here)
Walkthrough: From the Colussia travel crystal head 1 screen north until you reach the pond. Head west 1 screen, the maid will be at the end of the road in an ally to the north. From the collapsed maid go 1 screen east then 1 screen north, go 1 screen west when you reach the pond. Talk to the red haired man who will offer you a different version of events. Head back to complete this quest.
Reward: No Reward
Note: Alignment Options

Quest: "Laquadia's Fan"
Location: Colussia - Inside a building in the eastern district with two guards outside.
Description: Gather two pieces of Laquadia's clothing; 1st part is in her room within the castle (Lockpick needed) and the 2nd part is in the Cathedral desks on the top floor.
Reward: Ring of Strength
Note: This is another quest that must be done before you leave for Colussia for the first time. You will be unable to access the castle afterwards.

Quest: "Catch-A-Lie"
Location: Port Ronod - Man in the corner near the entrance to the town
Description: Deliver a message to the owner of the inn in Brightstone.
Reward: Treasure Map 03

Quest: "Peeping Tom"
Location: Port Ronod - Woman in front of inn during the day
Description: Locate the man who has been peeping into womens' bedrooms at night and bring him to justice. (located in front of window at the far Western pier)
Reward: Ring of Agility

Quest: "Animal Hunter"
Location: Port Ronod - Rightmost building behind the church
Description: Catch 3 - 5 Wood Squirrels. (Unlock the reward "Animal Whistle" to help with this quest)
Reward: (For 3 Wood Squirrels) Costume Fabric - Farah; (For 5 Wood Squirrels) Base reward and 1000G

Quest: "Punching Slimebag"
Location: Colussia - Boss of the sewer bar
Description: Kill 10 or kill every mob of Slimebags in the sewers.
Reward: (For killing all Slimebags) Gold Dice - Laquadia and 2000G
Note: You will be informed when all the Slimebags have been slain.

Quest: "Nightfall Raid"
Location: Colussia - Woman near the cathedral
Description: Steal a hand mirror from the Yo'Bro Material shop in Port Ronod at night. (Lockpick Required)
Reward: Ruby Coin x3

Quest: "Heroic Savior"
Location: Brightstone - Mercenary at the transport service
Description: Clear out the Werewuffie den in Rivulet hills. Helping the girl does not affect the quest.
Reward: Treasure Map 04

Quest: "Chasing pussy"
Location:Brightstone - Woman in front of church
Description: Find the woman's lost pussy(cat). (Located near the back of the western wall of the Inn)
Reward: Costume Fabric - Farah

Quest: "Sleep Deprivation"
Location: Caimridge - Inside the first building near the crystal
Description: Talk to the man chopping down wood at night, then go back to the woman in the house.
Reward: Gold Dice - Gabrielle

Quest: "Pop Quiz Wizard"
Location: Arlon - Talk to old man near crystal
Description: Stop the wizard on a bridge in Fierra Falls. Answerr his question
Reward: Ring of Intelligence

Quest: "Farmer's Daughter"
Location: Arlon - Talk to man on the SW bank of the town
Description: He wants you to deliver a letter to Sunny-Sue Ellen at Uncle Dad's Farm
Reward: Bear Pelt x9

Quest: "Cleaning the streets"
Location: Kahr - Knight standing next to the blue crystal
Description: Help him thin out thief lurking in alleyways at night
Reward: Gold Dice - Beatrix
Note: You will be informed when you fought enough of them.

Quest: "Rainbow Stones"
Location: Kahr - Brunette lady standing next to two guards at the temple
Description: Find 3 stones that are located in Paradisus Oasis, Desert Checkpoint, and Smuggler's Route
Reward: Treasure Map 07