Note: this page is about the anthro/furry introduced in LOQO Origin. For the knight from LOQO 2, see Layla.

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Layla the Mare is an anthro/furry horse female introduced in the Legend of Queen Opala Origin. She was hired by Crayden as a cleaning maid in the Imperial Manor. In practice however, her duties appear to have expanded to more... entertaining performances.

She is abused by the Beldorian Knights, who enjoy tying her up and presenting her naked body as a gift for their stallions. This scene may be witnessed by Devon, should he visit the Imperial Manor early enough in the story. She is met later on at the High Lords Gathering, where through conversation it is revealed that she is not an Anthro like Latex, but in fact a Nal'Quines from the Land of Savages.

Layla is the mother of the "undefeated horseman" Eclipse (source: blog post (nsfw)). Unlike her headstrong son however, Layla appears to have a passive and submissive demeanor.

Age: 45
Occupation: Maid

As of Episode 1, little else is known about Layla, but Gabe has hinted that in future episodes she will be a romanceable character.