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Master Hen'tai is a self proclaimed legendary trader/pervert that likes to hide out in totally inconspicuous wooden boxes. You can start to encounter him after you have obtained the Earrings of the Goddess from the Traveling Scholar.

Every time you find him, he fights you and gives you an illustration after you win. He is also stronger in each fight.

Hen'tai Locations

The Order in which you find these is not important.
Path from portal to Athrosa Village
Illustration 03
Opala's palace kitchen
Illustration 09
Isolated Ruins, 1st floor
Illustration 10
Ruins of the Past, 2nd area
Illustration 13
Smith apprentice's house at Mount Falcon
Illustration 17
Arena training area
Illustration 18
Mansion of the Lord - castle dungeons
Illustration 22
Locked house in Wintero
Illustration 30
Monster Cove - castle
Illustration 32
Road to Garden of Anuket
Illustration 43
Bandit Fortress, second floor library
Illustration 46
Osira's Lair, right before the throne room
Illustration 51

Legend of Queen Opala 2

Master Hen'tai is first encountered in LOQO2 standing at the bar in the tavern in Castle Resteed. After introducing himself to the player, he will make a proposal for his challenge, seeing as he enjoyed his former game with Jake. If the player accepts his offer then Master Hen'tai will give him the Mask of Disguise in order for the player to find his hiding places. If the player refuses the offer, then he will be given the chance to report Master Hen'tai by talking to a guard in Castle Resteed. If this option is chosen, the next time the player enters the tavern he will witness Master Hen'tai arrest where the Mask of Disguise will be dropped and picked up by Kai. Taking this option unlocks the achievement "Pervert Buster" and will allow the player to obtain Master Hen'tai's illustrations in their hiding place without a battle.

Hen'tai Locations

As above, the order these are listed in is of no importance.

Hills of Sanctus - inside Zhu'Yen's house
Illustration 01
Greystone Ruins - inside an underground ruin area
Illustration 02
Grand Aideen - smallest house left of the Blacksmith Shop
Illustration 04
Totville - inside the house with the scholar
Illustration 08
Neverless Canyon - inside Gabe's house
Illustration 11
At the very end of Mount Dreadclaw
Illustration 12
Tower of Despair - maze like room with 3 Trihounds
Illustration 13
Shaabera - house in front of the Distant Wagon Service
Illustration 16
Old House - first floor next to staircase leading to basement
Illustration 39
Frontier Aqueduct
Illustration 44
Grand Aideen - castle sewers
Illustration 64
Peninsula Port - On the top end of the dock
Illustration 66
Thebes - first house on the left, when entering from the south
Illustration 69
Temple of Moon - last room beside chest containing Artifact of Life.
Illustration 74
Thebes - stable behind Royal Palace
Illustration 75
Tower of Despair
Illustration 83
Castle Resteed - Melforas' basement
Illustration 84
Baltera Village - the scholar's house
Illustration 87
Rockgard Village - first right house after left bridge
Illustration 94
Tel Ravida - house on the northernmost map, 2nd floor
Illustration 96
Twin Towers - inside building
Illustration 109
Imperial City - prison
Illustration 106
League of Perverts - passage to the left from the reception, north room.
Illustration 112
Solheim - house on the left side, req. expert lockpick
Illustration 115
Odyssa Village - first house on the left side
Illustration 120

Legend of Queen Opala Origin

Master Hen'tai has somehow traveled to the Beldorian Empire. Attempting to hide in barrels, but often giving himself away, Master Hen'tai will once again give you illustrations when you find him in various locations. This time around, Master Hen'tai does not attempt to put up any kind of fight.

Hen'tai Locations

This list is in no particular order.

Brightstone - in a house south of the Jadeite donation center, near the cleaning maid
Illustration 15
Caimridge - inside the very small house next to the Town Hall
Illustration 23
Summer Cove - on the west side below two beach towels
Illustration 33
Crimson Woods - at the Neifu settlement, first floor of the building where Elder Zi'Tiki is found
Illustration 75
Gentlemen's Club - barn to the south
Illustration 77
Port Ronod - in the locked room of the building at the fish market
Illustration 85
Highland Inn - outside the windows
Illustration 108
Colussia - Lower Right street, house with statues out front and a pool in the middle
Illustration 121
Whitehaven - (Description)
Illustration 19
Arlon - small House in southeast direction
Illustration 114
Uncle Dad's Farm - Main Building
Illustration 103