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She can be found at the Imperial Mansion, this page obviously contains SPOILERS.

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Mhu'Tiki is a character introduced in the Legend of Queen Opala Origin and a potential romance option. She is a Neifu originally belonging to the same tribe as Ra'Tiki.

Age: 480
Occupation: Courtesan

Mhu'Tiki stands out significantly from her fellow Neifu, due to both her large bust size and insatiable sexual appetite. She now lives among humans, using their company to indulge her incredible lust.

Background Story

Mhu'Tiki's nymphomania put her at odds with the relatively conservative mating practices of her tribe. Unfortunately, the Neifu are seen as rare and valuable targets for poachers and for this reason, the Neifu are especially elusive and avoid outside contact. In a misguided attempt to teach her tribemates the joys of mating, Mhu'Tiki betrayed the tribe and sided with a group of poachers. The tribe seems to have survived the ordeal, but Mhu'Tiki left them behind to pursue her sexual desires.

Though Ra'Tiki was once close to Mhu'Tiki, she now despises the latter for her betrayal. However, Elder Zi'Tiki implies that Mhu'Tiki stole something important when she left and hopes that Ra'Tiki can convince her to "return what was taken from us." The motivation to find Mhu'Tiki weighs heavily in Ra'Tiki's decision to travel with Devon and his party.

Mhu'Tiki's betrayal was followed shortly thereafter by the arrival of the Hikari Artifact worn by Young Farah. Though unclear how they are related, Ra'Tiki is apparently convinced that the timing of the events is more than mere coincidence...

After "rescuing" her from the Imperial Manor it is revealed that she traded the stolen documents to the empire for a cushy place to live and have sex. It didn't bother her considering there was no way for them to decipher the text. At least according to her. After some time though you can speak to her in camp and she feels regret.

As a favor or prank towards Ra'Tiki she wants you to get her a Latcher to pleasure her. She helps you by escorting the prisoners out of Castle Warrengard when you are going to take on the Steel Baroness. Ra'Tiki says you should trust her due to their past yet didn't run off as Ra'Tiki expected.

Relationship Points

  • When meeting her in the Imperial Manor
+1 to say you are her entertainment

  • When escaping the Imperial Manor
+1 to pin her down harder

  • Talking to her in camp
+1 if you say she is regretting giving the plans to the empire

  • Talking to her in camp a second time
+1 You agree to help her with getting her a Lewd Latcher

  • When she asks if she can escort the prisoners out of Castle Warrengard
+1 if you agree to trust her
-1 if you don't