Nipha the Sphinx is a recurring character in the LOQO series, making her first appearance in LOQO 1.

Nipha is naive and playful in nature. She has taken an active interest in humans and in her curiosity, seeks to understand them better by living among them.

Legend of Queen Opala

Nipha is first seen in the frozen lands outside Wintero, where she immediately runs from the player in fright. She is found again in Wintero Tavern and will talk to the player. This time, she explains that she is from the Anthro Sanctuary and has left in order to study humans. She admits that humans seem to only care about sex and wishes to leave. She asks the player to clear the road to the east of the village and the frozen cave in the mountain for her so she can access the portal there. After this, she is found in the Gardens outside the Capital of Egypt, although she hints at a sexual reward for the hero, she does not actually reward him. She plays no further role in LOQO 1.

Legend of Queen Opala 2

Nipha makes her reappearance in LOQO 2 the second time you visit Gabe the Horseman. She greets Kai with a firm grab of his crotch, complimenting him on his size. Gabe explains the she is a friend of his and she has come requesting a nude picture, with which Gabe is not very comfortable. Kai will take his leave, despite Gabe's pleas while Nipha says she will she Kai around before making an advance on Gabe.

Legend of Queen Opala Origin

Although she has not appeared at all in Episode 1, Gabe revealed on the blog that Nipha will be a romanceable character in the future.