Osira's Lair is home to Osira's dark army in LOQO1, and where Osira launches much of her grand evil scheme from. The entrance to Osira's Lair is located beneath the Tower of Hades.

History & Current Role

Jake's choices determine whether he enters the lair as Osira's dark henchman, or Opala's righteous hero.

Residents & Natives

The uncrowned Dark Empress determined to claim the throne of Egypt.

Osira's loyal right hand dragon, and the leader of her dark army. When not causing chaos or breaking in slaves, he can usually be found at her side.

Valencio_the_Assassin_portrait.jpg**Valencio the Assassin**

One of Osira's mysterious associates, Valencio acts primarily as an escort, but clearly doesn't mind getting his hands or knives dirty in Osira's service.

Shops & Taverns


Note: If Jake is on the Evil Path, he is a member of Osira's army. This makes all the monsters within Osira's Lair (and any Lizardmen or Goblins seen elsewhere) his comrades, so they merely talk (some still rather threateningly) if prompted.