Rüghart is a bandit leader who commands an army of thugs under the command of Osira. He is a recurring character in the LOQO universe. He is large and intimidating, though not known being very bright.

Legend of Queen Opala 1

Despite fearing and respecting Osira's power, Rüghart seems to be contemptuous of his subservient position, often referring to her as a "scarfaced cunt" behind her back. Much to the dismay of his allies, Rüghart continuously underestimates Jake.

Legend of Queen Opala 2

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Rüghart travels with Osira to Namaria. Rüghart and his thugs play a key role in the over taxation of Castle Resteed. Secretly conspiring with Lord Kross, Rüghart's threats of violence against Resteed enable Kross to essentially extort his own citizens. Rüghart's contempt of Osira seems to have finally reached a tipping point and once again conspiring with Kross, along with Melforas, he has plans to turn the tables on her. Rüghart however continues to underestimate others and is once again confronted by a hero, Kai.