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The temple is found in the sand west of the Temple of the Sun where the sand makes a circle. Near the north-east corner (left of where you obtain the ancient pages) there is a square of land with four statues, and a skeleton of what seems to be an animal in the middle. Should you stand on the north side of the skeleton and press enter , Kai will say "There is something odd about this spot, did something used* to be here...?".
After the story is complete, a staircase appears between the 4 stones, leading towards the biggest An'Terra Lair ingame.
Furthermore is, at the very end, the Mega Blobber Ultima.

*Typo? (use?) .Eitherway thats how it is written in the game.

History & Current Role

No information currently.
(LoQo 2 - Episode 2 v1.02)


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Below is a list of the enemies which can be found in the Temple of Sacrifice.


Related Quests

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Major Items & Art

  • Ancient Pages - An'Terra Overlord
  • Ancient Pages - Armageddon Can be found in a chest in the north eastern corner of the area.
  • Tablet of History
  • Titanium x5
  • Gold x6
  • Both veins can be found in the cave just north of the location the "temple" is speculated to have existed.

  • Illustration 52
  • Trading Card 57
  • Trading Card 93


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