Thebes is the capital city of Egypt, and home of the Egyptian Royal Family. It appears early in LOQO 1 shortly after disembarking from the ship. It makes a second appearance in the sequel after Emperor Bastorahl's defeat by traveling through the grand gate located in Mount Dreadclaw.

History & Current Role

Residents & Natives


Opala_LOQO_Portrait.jpgQueen Opala
Titular character of the series, Queen Opala is the sitting monarch of Egypt after the passing of her father, the Pharaoh. She rules her kingdom in the way she believes her father would have in his later years, through peace and prosperity. She is a sexually liberated youth, and tends to share this trait openly with her subjects.

Farah_LOQO_Portrait.jpgLady Farah

Former exotic dancer and mother of three, Lady Farah served as the Pharaoh's mate until his passing. Although she is Egypt's matriarch, the duties of queen have fallen to her daughter, Opala. Like her daughter, she is very open sexually, and does not shy away from the subject whenever it's brought up.

Supreme_Commander_Seth_Portrait.jpgSupreme Commander Seth (LOQO 1)

Gath'D_Portrait.jpgGath'D (LOQO 1)
A mercenary for hire at the inn of Egypt's Capitol, Gath'D proves to be a valuable party member thanks to his skill with a crossbow, and his experience as a hunter. His abilities gradually expand to aid in the party's ability to evade enemy attacks. He is best suited to fight flying enemies.




Jake has the option of purchasing an old mansion in the easternmost section of Thebes, which also comes with a butler. The mansion serves as another place to rest in Egypt, and allows Jake to take down 11 different paintings he finds in various rooms and (once the floor is upgraded) display them at home.


Gath'D_Portrait.jpgGath'D (LOQO 2)
Leader of the Resistance after Supreme Commander Seth's coup succeeded in ousting both Queen Opala and Lady Farah. He aides Kai and the royal family in infiltrating the Palace of Thebes by guiding them to a tunnel connecting to the Pharaoh's Tomb.

Supreme_Commander_Seth_Portrait.jpgSupreme Commander Seth (LOQO 2)

Shops & Taverns

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Related Quests

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Major Items & Art


  • Ancient Pages - Dunetoad
  • Ancient Pages - Neverus Guardhound (Void of Illusions)
  • Ancient Pages - Neverus Sorcerer
  • Golden Old Coin x3
  • Tablet of History x2

  • Illustration 25
  • Illustration 33
  • Illustration 55
  • Illustration 56
  • Illustration 57
  • Illustration 58
  • Illustration 59
  • Illustration 60
  • Illustration 61
  • Illustration 62
  • Illustration 69
  • Illustration 75
  • Illustration 79
  • Illustration 82
  • Trading Card 20
  • Trading Card 28
  • Trading Card 29
  • Trading Card 49
  • Trading Card 65
  • Trading Card 71
  • Trading Card 83
  • Portrait of Beledina
  • Portrait of Melody