Unique Items

In the Legend of Queen Opala 1 and 2, unique items that cannot be duplicated can be found across the lands of Egypt and Namaria; items such as this can range from Elemental Equipment, to Rings that grant powerful resistances to enemy attacks, to powerful, Storyline-relevant items.

Elemental Equipment

As of LOQO II Ep. I, the only way to get items imbued with certain elements is to find them in the world. Each character has a distinct set of elemental weapons they can equip with power somewhat between purchasable weapons and weapons that can only be forged. Some of these items are found in chests, some are given as quest rewards. (Note: With the fix of the Totville smith bug, it is possible to forge some of these weapons)

In the Golden Edition, all the elemental gear can be forged at the Totville smith, for some the upgrade has to be purchased.

Elemental Weapons:

  • Fire Cutlass - Road to Mountain - inside leftmost cave, at the top of the uppermost screen with the two veins of ore.
  • Inferno Cutlass - The screen East of the screen where Gabe's house is. It's in the far right side.

  • Ice Gun - Flooded cell in the Old House
  • Frostbite Gun - Swamp area in Echo forest. I believe you need the cape to see it though

  • Thunder Mace
  • Lightning Mace

  • Earth Rod
  • Tremble Rod

  • Beam Lance (Light element)

  • Floodwave Club - Azure Falls. Second screen. Lower left corner.

Elemental Armor:

  • Fire Armor - Reward for Clearing Castle Thugs Quest. One more is also found by digging in Treasure Map 2's location
  • Beam Armor - Reward for Clearing Breeding Ground Quest
  • Wind Armor - Reward for Clearing Porking Bandits Quest

Tales of Eight

The Tales of Eight are powerful weapons that have elemental properties. Only one of each can be found in the world.

  • Alpha Eclipse(Darkness element)-Dagger- Void of illusion (last screen)
  • Beta Electrocute(Thunder element)-Mace-Legendary treasure map (League of Perverts)
  • Delta Cyclone(Wind element)-Longbow-Located in the cave system on the final basement layer of the Greenland art gallery (Post-game only)
  • Epsilon Avalanche(Ice element)-Gun-Located in the Arena of Champions (Bayash the Berserker chamber - top right corner of AoC)
  • Gamma Quake(Earth element)-Rod- Temple of sacrifice (need gunpowder)
  • Lambda Tsunami(Water element)- Club- Located in Crystal Sanctuary, beyond the door accessible after activating all crystals.(Ancient heaven)
  • Omega Hellfire(Fire element)-Cutlass-Top of tower of despair
  • Sigma Lightshine(Light element)-Lance- Ghost ship

Item to extract to get Onyx Metal

  • Serpent's bane - Quest Mailman duties
  • Dark Vanquisher - Quest escaped cons
  • Heaven's wrath - Thebes catacombes (need Gun powder)
  • Ocean's crown - Imperial city (right of Osira)
  • Winged repellant - Forgotten blog
  • Ogre demolisher - Grand aideen sewers (need gunpowder)

Ceremonial items

  • Ceremonial Cutlass (Kai) :
    • Ghost's Creek.
  • Ceremonial Gun (Milana):
    • Guild of heroes
  • Ceremonial lance (Layla), :
    • Blackeagle fortress.
  • Ceremonial Mace (Zhu'YEn, Wolfgang, Gin'Yen) :
    • Frontiere of acqueduc
    • Void of illusions (Rockgard village)
    • Tower of Despair - Room with no ennemies (Two chests to open)
  • Ceremonial Rod (Iliona, Murdock) :
    • Defeat duchess Velvetta
    • Void of illusion (Solheim)
  • Ceremonial Dagger (Lilith)
    • Castel Resteed (After defeat Alchemist)
  • Ceremonial longbow (Emeralda)
    • Cockalot island
  • Ceremonial club (Latex)
    • Tower of despair Room with one neverus guardhound
  • Ceremonial Armlet (Kai, Latex,Layla) :
    • Quest night riders
    • Tower of despair room with 2 Darkwood and 1 Devil minotaur
    • Void of illusions (Greece village)
  • Ceremonial belt (Milana, Lilith, Emeralda) :
    • Vallethorn (near mother nature)
    • Tower of despair Room with 2 fire dragon (Two chests)
    • Void of illusions (Baltera)
  • Ceremonial Helm (Kai, Latex, Layla, Milana, Lilith, Emeralda) :
    • Cliffside valley
    • Ligue of pervert
    • Tower of Despair - Room with 2 Rock lizardman and 1 Guard wolf
    • Void of illusions (Grand Aideen)
    • An'terra Lair (Cliffside valley)
      • Note: Gabe has confirmed that there are (accidentally) only five Ceremonial Helms.
  • Ceremonial Armor (Kai, Latex, Layla) :
    • Blackeagle ship
    • Void of illusions (Tel Ravida)
    • Monatery (Divinity coast)
  • Ceremonial plate (Milana, Lilith, Emeralda) :
    • Thebes inside Cave to catacombes
    • Ghost ship
    • Void of illusions (Odyssa)
  • Ceremonial Cape (Iliona, Zhu'YEn, Wolfgang, Murdock, Gin'Yen) :
    • Thebes. Golden house (need Gunpowder)
    • Arena of champions
    • Greenfields Land Under gallery
    • Tower of despair . Room with 3 rock lizarman
    • Void of illusions (Castel resteed)
  • Ceremonial Hat (Iliona ,Zhu'YEn, Wolfgang, Murdock, Gin'Yen) :
    • Twin towers
    • Tower of despair Room with 3 fire dragon
    • Ghost Ship
    • Void of illusions (Shaabera)
    • Void of illusions (Totville)
  • Ceremonial Robe (Iliona, Zhu'YEn, Wolfgang, Murdock, Gin'Yen) :
    • West Baltera in cave
    • Hills of sanctus cave under castel
    • Tower of despair Room with 1 neverus guardhound
    • Void of illusions (Valethorn)
    • Monastery