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A new feature first introduced the Legend of Queen Opala 2, "Weak Walls" are various cracks in walls that you can blow up to find extra rooms with secrets in them.

Legend of Queen Opala 2

You can get the Gunpowder needed to blow them up from the "Big Balls" merchant in Thebes, at a cost of 2000 each.
There are 10 weak walls in total.

  1. The art gallery in Jake's Mansion (the abandoned mansion in the far right in Thebes). Reward: Ceremonial Cape (Item for crafting)
  2. Grand Aideen Sewers (it's near the very end of the entire tunnel complex). Reward: Ogre Demolisher (Barbarian weapon for Latex)
  3. Hills of Sanctus (down stairs middle cell before you go into the cave system) Reward: Legendary Map Piece
  4. Temple of Sun (down stairs,near 3 bookshelves) Reward: Ancient Pages (Hellfire Spirit)
  5. Thebes Catacombs. Reward: Heaven's Wrath (Lance)
  6. Old House (after entering house go downstairs into basement and crack is on north wall) Reward: Ancient Pages (Minotaur Master)
  7. Temple of Sacrifice* (After entering, go east, then north. Inside is a Golden Old Chest which contains Illustration 52)
  8. Temple of Sacrifice* (Same room that you just got into. You will find Gamma Quake inside)
  9. Greystone Ruins (left of the stairs in the basement where you can find Hen'Tai) Reward: Ancient pages (Giga Lardo)
  10. Imperial City (Entering from Twin Towers, it's in a basement near the upper left of the first screen) Reward: Underground cave with a Trading Card and a Seed of Supreme Intelligence.

(* Only available after New Game Plus)

Legend of Queen Opala Origin

As of EP. 02 there are currently 9 weak walls scattered about. One in Fierra Falls is story based, therefor doesn't count for the title. Every new game + you do you lose you Dynamite so don't buy more then you need.
  1. Colussia Sewers x3 - Located near the SW part of the sewers. 3 are here
  2. Crimson Forest - North of the Neifu Settlement
  3. Fierra Falls - Far east screen. Story based so doesn't count for title
  4. Lake Fairlight - Far east screen. NW part of said screen
  5. Paradisus Oasis - West screen at the top between bodies of water
  6. Ruins of The Past - First screen. Located up two sets of stairs behin destroyed building
  7. Serenity Bridge - Far end of the cave system. You head up 2 sets of stairs one after another